State approves I-40 widening in Wilson County

Staff Reports • Apr 5, 2018 at 8:23 PM

Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer released TDOT’s annual three-year transportation program Thursday, which includes a widening project for Interstate 40 in Wilson County.

The plan features about $2.6 billion in infrastructure investments for 143 individual project phases on 116 projects.

The program also places a high emphasis on repair and replacement of bridges, with activities beginning on 80 structures. Ten of those bridges are on the state highway system, with the other 70 on local roads. 

The comprehensive program continues to build on the progress of the IMPROVE Act, which provides for infrastructure investments in all 95 counties. This year’s program budgets dollars for 195 of the 962 projects listed as part of the 2017 legislation.

The increased revenue generated through the IMPROVE Act provided the funds necessary to move several significant projects forward, including the widening of Interstate 40 in Wilson County from State Route 109 to Interstate 840.

The project will make the portion of I-40 eight lanes, which is estimated to cost about $25 million. The project is intended to ease congestion, improve safety and increase service reliability and capacity.

Rep. Susan Lynn, who touted the IMPROVE Act before its passage, said she believed the I-40 widening would “improve safety greatly” for drivers.

“This year’s transportation plan provides for much needed infrastructure improvements and maintenance for many areas of our state,” Haslam said. “These investments result in a safe, reliable and debt-free highway network for our citizens and are critical in our efforts to bring high-quality jobs to Tennessee.”

Other projects include:

• pavement rehabilitation and safety improvements on I-440 in Davidson County.

reconstruction of the interchange at I-24 and I-75 in Hamilton County.

• widening from near Woodson Drive to near Cherokee Trail Interchange in Knox County.

construction from west of State Route 21 to U.S. 51 in Obion County.

widening from near Raines Road/Perkins Road interchange to State Route 176 in Shelby County.

replacement of bridge over South Indian Creek in Unicoi County.

• interchange at State Route 354 at exit 17 in Washington County.

 In addition to the 2019 budgeted program, partial plans for 2020 and 2021 are included, along with funding for 15 transportation programs, including Rockfall Mitigation, Spot Safety Improvement and the statewide HELP Program. The program also provides funding for transit agencies in all 95 counties, as well as Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations.



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