Railroad quiet zones expected early next year

Xavier Smith • Dec 28, 2017 at 4:32 PM

Lebanon Public Works director Jeff Baines said the city’s future railroad quiet zones would likely complete early next year.

The quiet zones at Maple Hill Road and Carver Lane will likely complete in February, according to Baines, who said federal requirements have slightly slowed the project.

Federal law requires train engineers to sound their horns whenever they approach road crossings, but it also allows municipalities to implement “quiet zones” in which train engineers do not sound their horns.

Lebanon currently has quiet zones on Horn Springs Road and Old Horn Springs Road, which were among the first in the state. Mt. Juliet also features silent crossings.

Baines said Hamilton Springs developers paid for the silent crossings to help relieve residents of concerns about hearing train horns each morning.

The council approved the issuance of a capital outlay note not to exceed $700,000 last year to create more quiet zones for railroad crossings throughout the city. The resolution called to create quiet zones for railroad crossings at Maple Hill Road, Carver Lane, Baddour Parkway, Babb Drive, Hartmann Drive and Hidden Acres.

Councilor Tick Bryan, who sponsored the resolution, said he favored creating a plan to prioritize the needed areas for quiet zones by importance.


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