10 last-minute Labor Day travel tips

Staff Reports • Updated Aug 30, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Labor Day has nearly arrived, and it’s estimated about 35 million people will travel for the long weekend holiday. 

Here are some tips for last-minute Labor Day travel:

• Get a tune up: Anyone traveling by car should know it’s important to make sure the car has the necessary maintenance performed before hitting the road. Low air pressure in tires can cost in gas mileage. Breaking down on the side of the road isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun time; this is a good step to prevent any unnecessary expenses.

• Check the weather: When traveling last minute, travelers should be aware of any potential weather threats that may happen near them or in their destination. Bad weather can be expensive for a trip if it causes any accidents, injuries or delays.

• Travel early: The most convenient times to travel are going to be the busiest. Plan on leaving for last-minute vacations the Wednesday ahead of Labor Day to avoid any major delays. If Wednesday doesn’t work, early Friday morning is the next best bet.

• Share a vacation home: Sharing a vacation home with another family is a great way to save money for a short trip. For any close friends or family, sharing a vacation home will literally cut expenses in half. Not only that, for those with children, it provides immediate playmates to help keep them occupied and the parents relaxed.

• Take advantage of shoulder season: Shoulder season is the time between peak and off-peak seasons for travel destinations. Travelers can take advantage of lower prices during the season but still reap the benefits of the peak season weather. For example, Florida is currently in the shoulder season due to the rainy season. Travelers won’t find rain every day and can still score a good deal.

• Look for cancellations: When you are looking at excursions or things to do, call the company on the day of and ask for any last-minute cancellation deals. Oftentimes companies are willing to give discounts so they can fill the spot on the activity.

• Avoid paying more for gas: When filling up the tank to hit the road, be sure to check out the app GasBuddy, which can help find the cheapest gas anywhere. Most times, cheaper gas can be found just outside city limits.

• Luggage fee: If traveling by plane, be sure to check with airline providers about baggage fees. Some companies, like Frontier, will charge more at check-in at the airport than paying online.

• Take the pet: Rather than paying for a pet sitter or to board pets, there are many pet-friendly vacation rentals that allow visitors enjoy bringing their pets with them on a trip. After all, Fido deserves a vacation, too.

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