Mt. Juliet introduces flashing yellow turn signals

Jake Old • Updated Oct 22, 2016 at 3:00 PM

As part of an adaptive signal control technology project, the city of Mt. Juliet is implementing new flashing yellow left-turn arrow signals at some intersections.

The adaptive signal system is aimed at alleviating traffic flow issues in areas of the city where back ups are common, and is currently under construction.

Current construction in the adaptive signal system project also includes installation of detection and communication equipment along Mt. Juliet Road, according to Andy Barlow, deputy director of public works for the city.

Flashing yellow arrow indications will be installed on Mt. Juliet Road from Graves Crossing to Pleasant Grove Road, where applicable. 

According to a report from the city of Mt. Juliet, the new flashing yellow left-turn arrow will be featured on a signal that includes regular green, yellow and red arrows.

The flashing yellow arrow replaces a traditional circular green signal normally used to indicate that left-turning vehicles should yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

When drivers see the flashing yellow arrow, they should stop at the intersection and yield to oncoming traffic. Once it is safe, they may proceed through the intersection.

When the time for the flashing yellow arrow ends, the solid yellow left-turn arrow will be lit, and this arrow retains its traditional meaning. The left turn signal will soon turn red, so drivers must prepare to stop.

The solid red and solid green arrows also retain their traditional meanings. On solid red, drivers may not turn, and on solid green, drivers may turn without yielding to oncoming traffic. 

According to a report from the city, the flashing yellow left-turn arrow is intended to prevent crashes, reduce traffic delays and provide more traffic management flexibility.

Installation of all equipment related to the adaptive signal control technology project will be finished in the next few weeks. After the equipment is installed, traffic patterns will be observed for another couple of weeks.

“I’d say we’re maybe five or six weeks out until we get it fully operational,” Barlow said.

For more information about the adaptive signal control technology project or the flashing yellow left-turn signal arrows, contact the Mt. Juliet Public Works Department at 615-773-7957.

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