Centerstage to hold ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ auditions

Staff Reports • Updated Sep 15, 2017 at 11:00 AM

Centerstage Theatre Co. will hold auditions next month for its third show of the season, “Miracle on 34th Street.” 

The story takes place between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day in New York City, and focuses on the impact of a department store Santa who claims to be the real Santa Claus. There are five different versions of the holiday classic, and audiences will have the opportunity to see it live. 

Donna Driver, of Mt. Juliet, will direct “Miracle on 34th Street.” Driver is also an author and actress and appeared in Centerstage’s rendition of last season’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

Actors should prepare to read from the script, and provide a headshot photo and resume, if possible. Centerstage welcomes actors and actresses with all levels of experience.

Rehearsals begin Oct. 16. Show dates will be Dec. 1-3 and Dec. 8-10. 

The “Miracle on 34th” Street character list includes:

• Kris Kringle – a man 45-70 years old with a sweet temper who believes he is Santa.

• Doris Walker – a businesswoman and mother 28-40 years old, who is kind and loving, but shuns imagination and flights of fancy.

• Fred Gayley – a man 28-40 years old who is a lawyer. He’s kind and fun-spirited and great with children. He loves Susan and her mother and is a friend and defender of Kris.

• Susan Walker – a smart and charming girl 7-10 years old, who acts like a little adult.

• Shellhammer – a woman 20-40 years old who is an assistant to Doris at Macy’s. She’s overworked but sweet.

• Sawyer – a man or woman 30-55 years old who is Macy’s vocational guidance counselor who dislikes and distrusts Kris and wants to prove he’s insane.

• Doctor Pierce – a man or woman, 30-65 years old who is a kind doctor and friend of Kris.

• Judge Harper – a man or woman 35-65 years old, who presides over the case against Kris and is an honest person in a dilemma.

• Halloran – a man or woman 25-50 years old who is Judge Harper’s political campaign manager and is worried about Harper’s image and reputation.

• Mara – a woman 30-50 years old who is the prosecuting attorney, tough and no nonsense.

• Mara Jr. – a girl or boy 6-10 years old who is the attorney’s cute child who believes in Santa.

• Mr. Macy – a man 40-70 years old, who is a boisterous wealthy man. He will also play Lou, a postal worker, in the second act.

• Mr. Bloomingdale – a man 40-70 years old, who is a boisterous wealthy man. He will also play Al, a postal worker, in the second act.

• Macy’s Store Elves – three to five teens 13-18 years old, who are silly and fun. They will also play carolers and must be able to sing.

• Adults – to play parents, people on the street, witnesses in the courtroom, etc.

• Children – 5-12 years old to line up to talk to Santa and appear in other scenes.


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