J. Raleigh Jones Show comes to Mill in Lebanon

Sinclaire Sparkman • Updated Oct 21, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Musicians from around the world continue to tune in to a Nashville television show that recently started filming at WNCTV studios in Lebanon. 

The J. Raliegh Jones Show first aired in 2013, at the time filming from NECAT Network studios on White Bridge Road in Nashville. 

“It turned into a real adventure. I’ve had talent from all over the world come to play on the show,” producer J.R. Jones said. 

Jones has worked in the area for at least 20 years and currently lives in Madison. Though he plays rhythm guitar and does vocals, Jones says he focuses most of his energy on producing and songwriting.

The format for the show in the beginning was to do a couple of songs with Jones’ band and then show performances from talent, which over time included artists from Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, Texas and other parts of the world and country. 

“Used to be I had to go hunt. I no longer have to go looking,” Jones said. “Since 2015 I’ve had four artists that were signed after being on my show.” 

The J. Raleigh Jones Show moved to the Mill in June. Jones said he sought out some help with editing, since he does most of that himself, and found John Townley, the owner of New Century Productions. 

“We came in with my band and started shooting some here. We decided we’d like to make this our home base,” Jones said. “The Mill is such a unique place.” 

Jones’ band, the Music City Slickers, consists of career musicians, including Rick Taylor, Mike Dunbar, Bo Stottlemyer, Ron Hogan, Brenda Lynn Allen and Tom ‘Elwood’ Campbell. The members that make up the Music City Slickers have many accomplishments among them. Taylor was at one time a drummer for Buck Owens and the Buckaroos who appeared on the hit TV show Hee Haw. Dunbar is the bandleader and bass player for the Nashville Cowboy Church. Tom Campbell was a host on a WSM radio. Stottlemyer wrote the song “I Wonder What Jesus Thinks of Me” that was recorded by Grand Ole Opry legend Charlie Louvin.

“I have established musicians with awesome careers that I was able to put together in a band. We work up all of our original material. We do some cover songs at shows, as well as our own, but the thing is, I want to make stars out of all of them,” Jones said. 

The band is currently working on an album that should be complete by the end of January. Jones said a lot of the Music City Slickers’ energy is currently focused on getting the album ready.

After moving from the NECAT studios to the Mill, the format for the J. Raleigh Jones is more of a reality type show for musicians, showing what it’s like to be in the studio and creating music. Campbell, who is also a ventriloquist, has introduced his puppet Elwood to the show as well. 

The J. Raleigh Jones Show still goes through NECAT studios and appears in Davidson County on Nashville channel 9, Comcast channel 19, and throughout Middle Tennessee on AT&T U-verse channel 99 and all over the world on YouTube. 

“It is a powerful media, even if people don’t watch it outside of Davidson County, because somebody who is on Nashville television has suddenly risen above the crowd. If you don’t find away to rise above the literally millions who are trying to make a road in music then you’re always going to be out of sight.”

Find out more about Jones and his show at jraleighjones.com, necatnetwork.org or wnctv.net.

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