Saturday Morning Quarterback

Andy Reed • Updated Sep 3, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Watching my daughter’s soccer team scrimmage Thursday evening under the first hint of fall air made me think of the college football games and NFL preseason finales which were at that moment kicking off.

Until now, it’s been too darn hot for me to really enjoy football. If we didn’t have to schedule all these games so far in advance when we didn’t know what the weather would really be like, I’d say push the season back. Same for the Wilson County Fair.

Somewhere, the man who invented air conditioning, if he’s still living, is sitting back in his well-deserved mansion observing what wimps we’ve become because of his invention.

If baseball is the sport best suited for the written word - books specifically - then football is made for the year-round blabbermouths in the media (social and traditional) who spend six months or more of the year reminiscing about the previous six months and/or waiting for the next six-month football season to roll around like kids who can’t wait for Santa Claus. No sport has a higher ratio of spoken or written word to actual games played than football.

High school games kicked off in high heat and humidity two weeks ago. Cumberland did likewise on a muggy Thursday night nine nights ago. NCAA teams in our area scored a pleasantly perfect night to get it on two nights ago. Maybe I even shivered through the Mt. Juliet game last night.

Tennessee won and Vanderbilt lost tightly contested games, neither of which went the way most people predicted, though I hit on both (I could have just as easily gone 0-2) in my SEC predictions which somehow didn’t make our SEC Football Page on Friday.

Meanwhile, the Titans rolled to a convincing win on South Beach, on the other side of that part of the Hurricane State where Tropical Storm Hermine was dumping ungodly amounts of water, in the final game of a month whose results have already been forgotten.

The only thing now separating the Two-Tone Blue, and the rest of the NFL, from beginning its season in earnest is cutting another 20 players by today. For those players, this is the worst part of the preseason as their years of dreams and hard work of earning a living in the NFL are put in the trash can (where a Washington Redskins rookie dumped his playbook after being cut.).

While those players try to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives, the rest of us are a mere eight days (I don’t count next Thursday’s Super Bowl rematch) from our world returning to its axis again.

For the next six months.

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