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Larry Woody • Jun 30, 2016 at 8:30 AM

Deer disease studied: The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is reviewing regulations regarding the importation of deer and elk from states in which chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been discovered.

For years there have been restrictions on the importation of meat, hides and antlers into Tennessee from designated states. TWRA officials are reviewing those restrictions to make sure they are sufficient to guard against the introduction of the devastating disease into the state's deer population.

Any revisions will be in place before the opening of the fall hunting seasons. They will be announced on the TWRA website, tnwildlife.org, and detailed in the 2016-17 Tennessee Hunting Guide.


Hot shots: Wyatt Dixon broke 48 of 50 targets to win the weekly trap shoot at the Cedar City Gun Club.

John Hess was the top Senior shooter with a 44, while Alex Franck led the Ladies division with a 42.

For information about Gun Club activities or the Cedar City Straights interscholastic trap shooting team, contact Kerry Hale at 615-519-2934.


Wind farm opposition grows: The Tennessee Wildlife Federation has added its voice to growing opposition to a proposed 1,800-acre wind farm atop the Cumberland Plateau.

The Crossville City Council last week voted to oppose the Crab Orchard project, and a number of groups around the county have been formed to combat it.

The Wildlife Federation agrees with critics, including Senator Lamar Alexander, that the towering 40-story turbines are not just unsightly but are also environmentally destructive.

There are concerns that if the Cumberland Plateau wind farm is approved, more could follow in other pristine areas around the state.

Most wind farms are government-subsidized and - according to opponents - produce very little "clean energy" in proportion to the cost.

Proponents claim environmental concerns are exaggerated. However, they can't refute the fact that they scar not just the natural area in which they are located, but mar the vista for miles around.


Fishing regs: Information about fishing rules, regulations and license requirements is available in the Tennessee Fishing Guide, available for free at most outdoors outlets.

One newly-added license that was inadvertently omitted from the Fishing Guide is a Senior License that covers most fishing in public waters. It can be purchased on-line or at TWRA license dealers.


Two drown: Two persons drowned recently while boating on Chickamauga Lake. Investigators said a group of boaters had anchored and were swimming when the drownings occurred.

The Chickamauga fatalities come on the heels of a drowning of a fisherman in the Cumberland River below Cheatham Dam when his boat capsized.

Boating and water safety is a point of emphasis this summer for the TWRA, as lakes and other waterways become increasingly congested.


July 27: WMA quota hunt deadline

August: squirrel season opens

Sept.: dove season opens

Sept: deer archery season opens

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