Trevecca public forum on need for solution for Dreamers

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 26, 2017 at 9:00 AM

NASHVILLE – FWD.us Tennessee Coalition, Trevecca University and an area newspaper played host to faith leaders Thursday from across Nashville to discuss faith and the Dreamers issue and called on Congress to pass a permanent legislative solution to protect Dreamers before the end of the year.

They urged the Tennessee congressional delegation to pass a law without delay to prevent Tennessee’s about 8,300 Dreamers from being ripped out of the workforce, separated from their loved ones and deported. Speakers from the event included Christ Church Nashville Pastor Dan Scott, Rabbi Flip Rice with Congregation Micah and Pastor Nathan Parker with Woodmont Baptist Church.

The nearly 8,300 Dreamers in Tennessee contribute $347.3 million to the state economy each year. In addition to the moral consequences of ripping millions of families apart, economists predict that deporting the Dreamer population would result in an annual loss of $7.5 million in local and state tax revenue. Many Tennessee Dreamers are also in school, preparing for future careers they may not be able to pursue if a legislative solution for Dreamers is not found.

If Congress fails to pass and fully implement a permanent legislative solution by March 5, about 1,700 Dreamers will lose their jobs every single business day between March 6 Nov. 6. Nearly 800,000 individuals who are currently employed and contributing as productive members of the American workforce would lose their work authorization and could be fired over the course of two years.

In a joint statement, the three religious leaders said, “If Congress does not act, many young Dreamers – a lot of whom are nurses, doctors, engineers, and students here in Nashville – will no longer have a future in the United States and be forced to go back to a country that they may have no recollection of at all.

“We, as faith leaders here in Nashville, believe this to be unacceptable and call upon Congress to protect Dreamers this year.”

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