League of Women Voters supports National Voter Registration Day

Staff Reports • Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 12:00 PM

National Voter Registration Day is Sept. 26, and the League of Women Voters urged Tennesseans to register or change their address, if needed.  

Registering to vote in Tennessee was made easier recently due to the state’s new online voter registration. Tennesseans can register to vote online at ovr.govote.tn.gov.

“Voter registration is the key to making sure Tennesseans of all backgrounds – especially first-time young voters, people who have recently moved and those who live in underrepresented communities – have their say,” said Marian Ott, president of the League of Women Voters of Tennessee. “We want to make sure everybody who wants the opportunity to vote on Election Day has their registration up-to-date.”

The League of Women Voters commended Secretary of State Tre Hargett, election coordinator Mark Goins and the Tennessee General Assembly for bringing online voter registration to Tennessee. The online voter registration gives citizens the convenient option of completing a registration form online that is identical to the paper copy now being used,” Ott said.

Online voter registration has a proven track record in other states for efficiency and cost savings. Tennessee’s election system will be able to be more efficient; for example, in Arizona the cost per online registration was 3 cents versus 83 cents for a paper registration. Online registration requires the same validation of information as paper registration forms, so there is no compromising of the registration process.

Accurate voter registration lists are important to the integrity of the election process. Online registrations improve accuracy because there are no input errors from the paper form. Thirty states have implemented online voter registration and have not reported election problems related to the online registration.

Early voting and Election Day voting will remain the same. 

“The League of Women Voters is hopeful that online voter registration will facilitate each of us registering to vote, which is the first step in civic engagement. As important, is that each of us show up and vote,” Ott said.

Find election information at vote411.org

 “We believe our democracy is strongest when every voice is heard,” Ott said.

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