Wilson Democrats to lead Beavers’ campaign announcement protest

Staff Reports • Jun 2, 2017 at 1:41 PM

MT. JULIET – State Sen. Mae Beavers will announce the launch of her 2018 gubernatorial campaign Saturday at 1 p.m. at Charlie Daniels Park in Mt. Juliet, and the Wilson County Democrat Party plans to protest.

According to a statement issued Friday by the party, all Middle Tennessee residents are invited to “gather at the event for a #BlockedByMae protest, highlighting the senator’s aggressive tendency to block anyone she disagrees with on Twitter.”

“Sen. Beavers is best known for proposing divisive and harmful legislation that assaults Tennessee families and wastes valuable taxpayer dollars, as well as fleeing from constituents who visit her Legislative Plaza office,” said Wilson County Democrat Party chair Amanda Holloway in a statement. “Since launching her official Twitter account, she has also become notorious for retweeting racist conspiracy theories, as well as blocking constituents who utilize the platform to engage in dialogue about the way her hateful policies would impact their everyday lives. In a Feb. 17 editorial titled Sen. Mae Beavers, Stop Threatening And Blocking Critics, Tennessean editor David Plazas wrote, ‘Lawmakers should not be about curbing the rights of their citizens. And they should not be about threatening citizens’ First Amendment rights and limiting people’s access.’ He was immediately #BlockedByMae.”

Last weekend, Beavers issued a release to announce her intentions to run for governor, as well as the campaign announcement planned for Saturday.

“Over the past several weeks, it has become increasingly clear that conservatives in Tennessee are looking for bold leadership that will not shrink from standing up and speaking up on the key issues facing our state,” Beavers said in making the announcement of her intentions to run. “President Donald J. Trump is taking the lead in Washington to ‘drain the swamp’ there, but we have our own swamp in Tennessee, and I intend to do the same thing in the Volunteer State.”

Beavers also pointed out some of the top priorities of her campaign.

“The terrorist threat from radical Islam not only impacts other countries or major cities in our own country – that threat is also targeted at our communities and our families in Tennessee, and I intend to make security a centerpiece of my campaign,” Beavers said.

“Family values is an issue that Republican candidates often talk about during campaigns but then gets tossed away like leftover campaign signs after the election is over. As governor, I will make sure that Tennessee focuses on protecting children before they are born and then providing them a safe and secure environment to grow up in after they are born. That safety and security extends to making sure that men don’t go into the bathrooms and locker rooms of little girls.”

But Holloway said Beavers’ platform doesn’t represent everyone.

“Tennessee deserves a governor who is willing to do what is best for all residents, not just the select few who hold her narrow beliefs,” Holloway said. “We encourage all those who believe in equal rights, science and sanity (among other things) to join us in protest at Mae's public campaign event. Attendees are encouraged to bring signs that state why Mae Beavers blocked them, or, simply, #BlockedByMae.”

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