Letter to the Editor: Gun control doesn’t work

Staff Reports • Updated Jun 16, 2016 at 4:00 PM

To the Editor:

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, I saw a post by a liberal who said it was terrible of gun owners to think of their guns first in the wake of such tragedy. Well as my preacher says, “I want to tell you something.” That was not our first thought. Our first thought was something like, “Please God not again. Be with the victims and their families. Help our nation to get through this.”  

The second thought is to try to figure out what happened, why and who did it. Then depending on timing there may be a third or even fourth thought before we hear some liberal politician or journalist say that since they could not actually blame the person or people who committed the atrocity, they would blame gun owners and the NRA who do not support liberal agendas, and in the case of this latest shooting, they decided to blame Christians. It is only then, we as gun owners become concerned about our constitutional rights.

For some reason, liberals have decided that the key to crime control is to attack the 80 million to 100 million law-abiding citizens in this country who own guns. They say the key to preventing crime is to deny our constitutional rights.   

Can you imagine the hue and cry if someone suggested that all African-Americans be denied their rights because someone else committed a crime? But that is a baseline reaction for liberals and gun rights. The killer in this case was a radical, jihadist Muslim and the son of a Taliban-supporting refugee, but the liberal politicians and journalists cannot bring themselves to condemn their beliefs and feel compelled to condemn you and me.

The gun haters want to ban semi-automatic rifles because they are so dangerous. Well if that is a logical move, then should we not ban some other things that kill more people than rifles, not just semi-autos, but all rifles. 

Let us ban knives, all knives. More people are hacked to death by knives in America each year than are killed by so called “assault rifles.” Let us ban hammers. More people are bludgeoned to death each year by hammers than are killed by rifles. Let us ban ladders. More people die each year from falling off ladders than are killed by rifles. Let us ban trampolines. More people, especially children, die each year from trampoline accidents than from rifles. Let us ban swimming pools. More people die each year from pool accidents than from rifles. But liberals want to ban rifles because they are scary.

Several prominent liberal groups and media outlets are blaming Christians for the Orlando shootings. For some reason, liberals cannot condemn the Muslim who committed the crime or the religion that endorses it, so they have to condemn Christians because the Bible says homosexuals will not go to heaven. Actually it says this about all sexual immorality, but here we are just talking about gays.

They say that the way to defeat crime is to ban civilian ownership of all guns. But if that were true then wouldn’t Chicago, Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Detroit and Newark be the safest cities in America. If banning guns works then why are more than 95 percent of mass shootings committed in gun-free zones.

If you take a few minutes to actually research the issue and look with an honest and open mind, you will realize that gun control does not work, and reducing crime can’t be the real issue. Then you have to wonder what the real gun control goal is?

Roy Denney


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