Letter to the Editor: Is this the best we have to offer?

Staff Reports • Mar 12, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions contained in the following letter are not necessarily the same as The Lebanon Democrat since the writer is also a regular contributing columnist for the paper.

To the Editor:

After listening to all of the rhetoric being passed back and forth by the people running for president, it makes me wonder if any of them are qualified to run the greatest country in the world. The United States of America has a population of more than 322 million people.

It makes me question if this is the best people we could find to run for president. If there is a just small amount of truth in what they say about each other, we are in trouble, regardless of who gets elected in November.

It seems that their true colors are coming out on both sides of the isle. We are blessed with known liars, cheats and lawbreakers. We are divided by race, creed and nationality. We are divided by rich and poor. We are treated as though we have no idea what is good for us. We listen, and are asked to vote for a socialist, who spews out the untruths of communism. We do so without even thinking about what socialism means.

It looks like we would have learned something, after being subjected to the complete disregard for the Constitution of the United States, over the past few years. We have learned to cope the effects of executive order. We should never have been so complacent.

We have seen the release of known terrorists from prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. We are standing by and letting them try to close the entire prison. They want to let the rest of the inmates out, so they can get back to the business of killing us infidels. Why do we stand by and let our country be run by someone who wants to be king?

Most of the politicians have a total hatred for the military. This can be seen by the way the veterans are being treated. After the big shake up at the Veterans Administration, there was a total of three people fired in the entire United States. We have let our military run down to below what it was before World War II.

We have no jobs in America. Everything is made in China or some other foreign country. We have entire stores made up of dumping stations for Chinese junk.

Our infrastructure is falling apart. We need all of the bridges replaced in the entire interstate highway system. We are stranding by and listening to all of this nonsense, while the rest of the world is laughing at us.

Wake up America. Try to think for yourself, and don’t forget to vote in November. We may still have a chance to recover.

Hershel Butts


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