Controversial pastor ministers to gay woman

Xavier Smith • Updated Jun 30, 2016 at 12:30 PM

A Mt. Juliet pastor that has been the center of several controversial Facebook videos recently said he ministered to a gay woman at his church.

Greg Locke, pastor of Global Vision Baptist Church, who has been outspoken about homosexuality, among other things, said the woman came to his church after she was banned and not accepted in other churches. He said she approached him during an alter call.

“We pushed them to the side and I knelt right here and opened the word of God and showed that precious lady the power of the Gospel,” said Locke. “I led that precious gay woman to the Lord Jesus Christ. She wept and cried and I hugged her and I said, ‘I’ll be honored to baptize you. We’re going to get you in the church. We’re going to watch you grow and God’s going to radically transform your life.’”

Locke also discussed some of the backlash he has received for his opinionate videos, which have featured Islam teaching in schools, Starbucks, homosexuality, transgender bathroom bills and more. He said he receives attention in a negative light more times than positive. 

“Yet, a gay lady comes to our church because she knows that we are truly a church where broken people find new meaning to life. Where’s all the media when we’re watching heroin addicts get delivered by the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ?” Locke asked.

In April, Locke took aim at Target’s transgender bathroom stance after debates around the country rose about the issue. 

“I asked, ‘can you please help me understand your new bathroom policy?’ To which, she shrugged her shoulders, and said, and I quote, ‘well, basically there’s been a new law passed and because of that law, it’s our policy that you can now use the restroom that you self identify with,’” Locke said.

“I’m well aware of the fact that many other individuals, as well as businesses by in large, will probably take the same route because they think they’re being politically correct. When, at the end of the day, they’re being ignorantly naïve,” Locke continued.

Last year, he posted a viral video claiming Wilson County Schools were indoctrinating Islam into students and identified teaching material and textbooks as the main tools.

However, Locke said the backlash and labels do not align with what is taking place in his church.

“Around the country, and even internationally, I’ve become known as the gay hating pastor and I find it interesting that just yesterday, I was able to lovingly and patiently show a gay individual that knew our church was going to accept her the love and the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,” he said.

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