Mt. Juliet band set to release its first album

Jacob Smith • Sep 27, 2017 at 5:19 PM

Bernie Joyner, Faith Joyner and Erin Weston all worked at a college leading chapel services when they met.

They had no plans to form a band until years later when they got back together after they left college.

The three ran back into each other in Mt. Juliet, the city where they were all living.

“I had written a bunch of songs,” said Bernie Joyner. “I was actually looking for a venue to get them out.”

The group showed the songs to producer and session player Gordon Mote, who had worked extensively with country and gospel music.

“Gordon told us that we should just record this as a group,” said Bernie Joyner, “which really wasn’t something that I had thought about.”

Thus, Red-N-Ready was born.

Bernie Joyner said despite the group, as well as their producer’s, history in gospel music, the project they put together is definitely country, with one gospel-themed song.

The album the group put together has six songs on it, all written by Bernie Joyner, and each song features one of the members of the group.

It will be released Friday and is the group’s first album.

“It’s definitely on the fun-loving side of country music,” said Bernie Joyner. “It’s centered around family values. When Gordon heard us, he said we sound like a combination of Little Big Town and Fleetwood Mac. Some of my favorite writers are the ones that are able to kind of poke fun at themselves. I really like Joe Diffie and Brad Paisley. Then, some of the songs are inspired by my relationship with Faith.”

The self-titled album is available on iTunes and Amazon Music for preorder for $3.99. 

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