The Democrat’s print schedule to change Friday

Staff Reports • Updated May 31, 2018 at 12:00 PM

Friday will mark the beginning of the print reduction for The Lebanon Democrat when the paper will go from five days a week to three. 

Subscribers will not receive Friday paper in their mailbox, but should expect to get an updated Saturday paper. Next week and beyond, readers will receive a paper on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with extra pages. 

“We know this will be a bit of an adjustment, and we appreciate our great readers sticking with us through this transition,” said editor Jared Felkins. “We have done our best to provide everything within The Democrat’s pages our readers have come to know and love. There may be some things that move around a bit, but one thing will remain the same as it has for nearly 130 years. The Democrat will be the best source for local news and information in Wilson County.”

The new editions will include sections from The Democrat’s Wednesday and Friday papers. There will of course be the regular news section, opinion page, two pages of comics, expanded TV listings and classified sections in each edition.

Here’s where readers can expect to find their favorite special sections:

• Saturday-Sunday – Faith, Living and the Church Directory will appear with columnist Jack McCall and Pets of the Week moving from the Community section. Linda Alessi and Top Stories will stay on the editorial page.  

• Tuesday-Wednesday – Food and Health will appear with coupon columnist Ann Haney moving from Living. Jacob Smith and Cokie Roberts’ columns on will appear on the editorial page.

• Thursday-Friday – Education section will be featured with the Business section moving from the Saturday paper. Sarah Haston’s column will appear in the Business section. Sinclaire Sparkman and Phil Valentine’s columns will appear on the editorial page. 

Many of The Democrat’s other features will remain the same sections and days they are normally found.

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