Youth group blesses sick man

Sinclaire Sparkman • Updated Feb 23, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Plans to bless a local man changed recently when the Kids ‘N Action group from Laguardo Baptist Church heard the car they were going to give him would no longer be necessary. 

Doctors diagnosed Edward Potts with bone cancer in January, and his needs changed drastically. He moved into his mother’s one bedroom apartment in LaFayette, where he slept in a recliner. When the Kids ‘N Action heard what happened, they altered plans to bless Potts. 

Until moving to LaFayette, Lebanon was Ed Potts’ home for all of his life. He did insulation work in Mt. Juliet for 11 years until he started at Burger King two years ago. He lived at the Plaza 231 Inn motel a mile away from work and would walk or bike to get there. After he had a wreck on his bicycle, he walked with a limp. 

Linda Brownlee, adult leader of the Kids ‘N Action group, saw him walking quite often, and said the Lord put it on her heart to do something for him. 

The youth group began to raise money for Ed Potts last year. They planned to buy him a car so he could drive to work instead of walk, but plans didn’t fall into place smoothly. Talks with local dealerships made it clear it would take a while to raise enough money for the car, but they did various fundraisers and offerings for Ed until they had $2,100.  

With six chemotherapy treatments ahead to fight the cancer in the fifth vertebrae of his spine, Ed is no longer able to work, and a car was no longer a practical gift.  

“I can still walk, just not like I used to,” Ed Potts said. “There’s a big difference now.” 

Ed Potts and his mother, Mattie Potts, moved into a two-bedroom apartment last weekend, and that’s when the Kids ‘N Action showed up to help. 

“It was pouring rain. We were all like drowned rats, but it seemed to be fitting as that is what made me notice him that day walking to his job at Burger King,” Brownlee said. “A seed was planted, and these kids helped in such a way that only they know how God moved and changed the course of a man’s life.”

Kids ‘N Action brought Ed Potts a new bed, pillow, wheelie walker, sheets and gift cards for food and gas. Ed Potts said the bed sleeps great.  

“They brought it last Saturday, and he met the kids, and he was tickled to death,” said Mattie Potts, Ed’s mother. “It’s so great to finally have met some of God’s people and to know that there are still good people in this world who are willing to help for nothing in return.”

Mattie Potts said after her son gets his first round of chemo treatments, the doctors will determine his next steps. 

“We don’t know the prognosis yet, but God does,” Brownlee said. “God can do mighty things if we just pay attention and act.”  

The Kids ‘N Action group has about 10 members and is for 6-10 year olds at Laguardo Baptist Church. The group does various community projects throughout the year. 

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