Architect firm waves New Leash fees

Xavier Smith • Updated Dec 20, 2016 at 9:00 AM

New Leash on Life staff received an early Christmas present last week when it realized the architect firm behind the Joy Clinic waived the group’s service fees. 

New Leash executive director Angela Chapman said the group received a Christmas card from the architect’s firm Kaatz, Binkley, Jones & Morris Architects, Inc.

“In that card there was what we thought to be an invoice for their services. It looked like an invoice until we read more closely. The page enclosed was to let us know that they had decided to donate their service rather than charging us for their services,” Chapman said. 

Jason Morris, project manager with KBJM Architects, said designer Kathy Richards helped motivate the group to do the good deed. 

“The motivation was that it was a group that Kathy really enjoyed and something she wanted to do. We were going through and making our Christmas cards and invoices, and [New Leash] popped up, and we just decided to do it. It was near and dear to her heart, and so we wanted to help them out,” Morris said. 

“She is on the board for a local rescue and also fosters animals for the rescue. She’s made the steps of planning and building process easier to understand, been easily accessible and helped get artwork and presentation material, even when it’s been requested very last minute. She’s been an asset to The Joy Clinic,” Chapman said. 

Wilson County Commissioner Joy Bishop, who was an original founder of New Leash on Life, donated $700,000 will go toward the Joy Clinic at New Leash, a 2,500-square-foot spay and neuter clinic.

New Leash, located on Jim Draper Boulevard behind Pro Bowl West, currently spays and neuters 20-40 animals in Wilson, DeKalb and Smith counties through its mobile spay and neuter clinic. 

The new facility would allow the group to service larger animals and about 100 animals per week. 

“I’m just proud of it. It’s been a long struggle to get this, and it was pretty obvious it needed to be done, so I just did it,” Bishop said. 

The cost for spay or neuter at the clinic will range from $30 to $75. 

“We just cannot say enough about how great it’s been to have such caring, dedicated individuals involved in making the Joy Clinic a reality. Joy Bishop made the build possible through her financial generosity. All of the businesses involved have been so helpful and now such a kind gesture from the architect and her firm,” Chapman said.

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