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Staff Reports • Updated Mar 16, 2018 at 2:00 PM

GAINESBORO – “Fence Sense” is an illuminating account that discusses the importance of a healthy and God-driven relationship between ministers and laymen, especially when dealing with the opposite sex. 

“Fence Sense” is the creation of published author, Dale Fox, a husband and father, pulpit minister for the Flynn’s Creek Church of Christ and former Bible teacher at Friendship Christian School.

“It should be pointed out that there are many people who have training far beyond necessary requirements to be a successful counselor who unfortunately have fallen victim to the advances of the devil in this area,” Fox said. “So sufficient training does not guarantee the lack of any potential problems. Since this is so, then the lack of sufficient training should make one even more aware of the potential problems that exist, especially if the minister involves himself significantly in the area of counseling without a strong sense of his limitations.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Fox’s new book focuses on the significance of work ethics, faith, understanding and respect toward those whom the ministers counsel.

“Ministers counsel with members of the opposite sex every day,” Fox said. “It is often an important function of their jobs. What could possibly go wrong with this type of relationship? Unfortunately, our adversary (1 Peter 5:8) can take a seemingly innocent situation and create havoc. Good people with good intentions can find themselves entangled in a sinful situation as they cross fences that should never be traversed. That tragedy could even happen to a minister. In this book, we will explore areas such as geographical, locational, sensorial and emotional fences that ministers, and those with whom they counsel, would do well to respect.”

Fox’s book reaches out not only to ministers, but also to people who, from day-to-day, are involved in various meetings with men and women. The book talks about competence in work and the circumspection of one’s actions before executing them.

“Fence Sense” is available at traditional bookstores or online at amazon.com, Apple iTunes store or Barnes and Noble.

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