Local author to release new faith-based novel

Jake Old • Updated Nov 26, 2016 at 12:00 PM

Alphonso Ashworth, a Lebanon business owner and author, will soon release his new book “Lost Memories,” which is a faith-based novel that tells a story of redemption.

“It’s an emotional story about a young man who goes to prison at the age of 15 for murder,” Ashworth said.

“How does he deal with that? How does his family deal with that? How do we forgive? It touches on a range of topics that leaves a person asking certain questions. How would I have reacted if I were in that situation?”

The questions lead to faith that a person may or may not have in overcoming situations, Ashworth said.

“The book deals with problems that a lot of us deal with in our families, but they may be things that are unspoken,” he said.

Ashworth said he uses his faith has an inspiration, and he also draws from his experiences and the people close to him.

“One story I wrote, called ‘Spin Cycle,’ is loosely based on my grandmother, who raised me,” Ashworth said.

“As a writer, you draw on experiences. My type of style is fiction, but it has a lot of familiarity to it. I could write about dragons, I could write about vampires, I could write about all sorts of topics, but the things that draw emotion are what I’m familiar with.”

Although “Lost Memories” is the third book in a faith-based novel series written by Ashworth, readers who have not read the other two books will still be able to start with this book.

“It’s a different storyline with a different plot and different characters,” Ashworth said. “The reader is going to fall in love with some of the characters.”

When he releases novels, Ashworth said, his goal is to continue to grow as a writer and tell interesting stories.

“I’m not out to be a New York Times bestselling author, that’s not my gig,” he said.

“I do a lot of word-of-mouth books. Someone reads it, then they give it to a friend or they read it at a reading club. They invite me out to do a book signing or something like that, and it just snowballs.”

Ashworth said he loves getting feedback from local readers.

“It’s rewarding when you hear from people who read the book,” he said. “I’m active in the community and I come in contact with people who read my book and they say ‘that book helped me, it touched me, it made me question certain things,’ and that means a lot to me.”

Ashworth has five published novels, and he plans to write many more. He is the owner of Custom Color in Lebanon. He is also a guest host on a national radio show and an active member in Rotary International.

“Lost Memories” debuts this holiday season. An exact date has not yet been announced, but it will be available before Christmas. It and Ashworth’s other books may be purchased on his website, alphonsoashworth.com and on amazon.com. 

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