Letter to the Editor: Some questions about school spending

Staff Reports • Updated Mar 3, 2018 at 6:00 PM

To the Editor:

As a former county commissioner, I think the taxpayers need more clarification on money questions pertaining to Wilson County Schools expenditures – taxpayer money.

1. How do you justify spending $22 million on office space at the old Lebanon High School when only a few years ago it wasn’t safe for students anymore? Also, why was it necessary to refurbish the auditorium (added expense. We have a convention center)? 

2. Why are we building another high school within approximately three miles of the existing high school? Also, seems to be many problems with the proposed site. Could a site at Highway 109 or Highway 70 not be a more desirable location (alleviate overcrowding at three high schools instead of just one)?

3. Why are so many seats at Watertown High School vacant (1,200 student capacity with only approximately 600 enrolled)? If it was full, it would take some pressure off Lebanon High School. Time to rezone. 

4. Why for the last year all we’ve heard is the new high school is going to cost $110 million? How do we know this (no bids yet)? This seems like you are telling contractors what you are willing to spend (bad idea). If you go to a car dealer and say, “I got $35,000 to spend on a car,” you can bet he is going to get most of it (common sense). 

I, along with many other taxpayers, think maybe it’s time to look at more than one architect. It seems like the existing one dictates what we build.

5. If you want to enhance the education system, strive to instill more respect, discipline and get serious about the three R’s. 

Wayne Drennan


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