Letter to the Editor: Kitten makes the perfect addition to house of cats

Staff Reports • Updated Feb 28, 2018 at 12:00 PM

To the Editor:

My husband and I love cats.  I must admit I love them more than my husband does, but he still likes them a whole lot. We have several of them, but not because we went out of our way to get them. It’s mainly they just show up at our house all on their own; it’s as if some giant cat magnet is centered over our house, drawing them to us. 

One of our newest acquisitions is a gray-and-white patchwork cat we named Wille.  We acquired Willie by his following us into the house one day when we were unloading groceries. He has been here ever since. When I first saw him, I said to my husband, “Oh look, look at that sweet little cat.”

My husband replied, “ yeah, he’s really sweet all right. Where the hell did he come from?”

I call him sweet Willie because he truly is. In fact, he is one of my favorite cats of all time.  

The newest and most darling addition to our cat family is Be-Be; a fluffy tiny little white kitten. She showed up one day in an area at the bottom of an elevated deck we have. She was a sweet little doll, white with three black round spots that geometrically ran up one side of her. Where in the world did she come from? We live at the top of a hill with no other houses nearby.

Of course, I immediately threw dry food down to her and took her some milk. Who could let a kitten starve? Right?

My husband tried for several days to capture her. What a hoot watching him. She was tiny but literally as fast as greased lighting and determined to maintain her freedom. Anyhow, we brought her in, tamed her and watched enchanted by the way our older established cats “ took to her.” They would chase her, get her down, bite her –but not too hard – and then give her a bath. Soon, she was everybody’s favorite.  

I believe the hand of God was apparent in our acquiring of this sweet little cat we named Be-Be. Just before Be-Be appeared, I had told my husband I would love to have just one more kitten to enjoy. Since we already had several cats, there was certainly no reason to go out of our way to acquire another one, though. We had decided no more cats for sure. It does seem as though God had different plans. It’s as if he looked down from the cosmos and said, “What the heck? Let’s give her one last kitten.

A real drawback in having cats, or any other pets I presume, is the feeling of not really wanting to leave them. It is difficult to vacation. 

I will say, though, the cats we have experienced through the years have added immeasurably to the enjoyment of our lives. There are drawbacks to cat ownership, but it is hard for me to imagine living without a cat or two. There are definitely more pros than cons.  

The time has come though for us to say enough is enough, no more cats, no matter how much we love them.

Needless to say, all of our cats and our dog were spayed or neutered. But this goes without saying...Doesn’t it?

Ginger Brosius


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