Letter to the Editor: Misinformation leads gun debate

Staff Reports • Updated Feb 20, 2018 at 12:00 PM

To the Editor:

Well we had another school shooting. What has happened to our country?  The last empty casing had hardly hit the ground before the new media began peddling fear.  

Authorities were still counting the victims when anti-gun groups began calling for someone to do something. Liberal politicians stood on the bodies of the victims and told Republicans not to “politicize” the tragedy. They demand the Clinton-era gun bans be reinstated even though the only thing accomplished by that experiment was to show that such laws had no effect on crime or violence. They demand more stringent gun control even though 80 percent of the murders in this country are committed in the handful of cities and states with the most stringent laws and liberal anti-gun administrations. To take this idea a step further, if you overlay a map of the counties with the most violent crime with one of counties that regularly votes liberal, they match almost perfectly. 

They want the agency that could not find its own emails when Congress demanded them or find a troubled teen who posted on social media using his own name that he was planning a school shooting, to conduct more strenuous background investigations. 

The news media is throwing around there were 18 ‘school shootings’ this year. This is not true. This is one of those false truths that is defined as maliciously spreading false information with the intent of misleading people to manipulate their actions. Yes, that word. When you or I think “school shooting,” we think of incidents like the one last week. To get this number, the anti-gun hate group that came up with it counted incidents like a distraught man who drove to an abandoned school parking lot to take his own life. They count things like a couple of college students showing a gun on a remote part of campus and having an accidental discharge that caused no damage other than ringing ears and perhaps soiled underwear. Incidents like members of a street gang going to a school parking lot late at night for a drug deal that ended in gunfire. Not what you would expect, but facts do not count, only the agenda.

They may chant we have to do something, but liberal politicians adamantly refuse to look at the actual causes of such violence and try to turn off the flow. Perhaps they are afraid they will find a liberal entertainment media that glamorizes drugs, violence, sex and guns or that considers Christianity to be a mental disorder. Oh yeah, they said that.  

Perhaps they are concerned about a political movement that places more value on some lives than others. A movement that considers unborn children to be of no value at all or that considers you a racist if you believe that all lives matter. Or maybe they are concerned that if they actually solve a problem, then it will not be useful anymore. They only want to ban inanimate objects.

The conspiracy mills on both sides are running rampant. Ideas range from “well that is stupid” to “No, just no.” To set a couple of these straight, there does not appear to be any evidence that he was either ISIS inspired or a white supremacist. But there is a common theme in the theories with which I do agree.  This is not a coincidence; something is driving it. Whether an internet troll somewhere going “I dare you” or a politically motivated plot designed to cause chaos, I don’t know, but the rash of mass shooting goes far beyond a kid with a gun. And this appears to be one thing at which no one wants to look.

Roy Denney


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