Letter to the Editor: Female perspective on college football

Staff Reports • Updated Jan 5, 2018 at 2:00 PM

To the Editor:

Soon, football season will be over. In fact, by the time you read this, college football may be no more...but just for this season, of course. Can you imagine college ball going away forever? 

At any rate, having lived through season after season of this favorite fall pastime for many men, mine included, I have decided to give a female perspective to this exciting all-encompassing all-American game. 

One thing I can honestly say as a woman I like about football is assessing the uniforms. I have noticed some teams have several varieties of a basic design and or colors, but often sport a spectacular variation of this look. The Oregon Ducks are a perfect example of this. Rutgers University is another. I have seen the Ducks in a luminous shade of canary yellow from head to toe, including canary yellow shoes, but more likely they will arrive on scene in some shade of green sporting some facsimile of wings on their shoulders.

Rutgers is another example of having dramatic single-color uniforms; a bright crimson red that is eye catching to say the least. Every year, I watch to see if by some lucky chance the Ducks will play the Scarlet Knights. What fun to see a game played by one team in bright canary yellow and the other in crimson red from head to toe.  My husband tells me this will never happen. There’s something about the conferences and home-team uniform rules. I still hold out hope for such a spectacular sight, though.  

In regard to uniforms, I think teams should not be allowed to wear colors that are repeats of the opposing teams. For instance, if one team is sporting brown pants and white and brown tops, the opponent should not be allowed to don white and brown pants and brown tops. When such opposing color combos are on the field together, I have to really focus to remember which team is doing what, especially when they are all in some sort of giant pile scrambling about for the ball. I sometimes wonder if the players experience the same sort of confusion. Wouldn’t this explain some of the off-target passing of balls that seem to be thrown to an opposing team member?   Inevitably this scene will evoke a response from my husband such as, “what the heck was that bozo thinking? Who the heck was he throwing to? This is putting it diplomatically.

Too, must everything be so micromanaged? You know, what’s a couple of inches? I say give it to them. They worked hard for it. When I say this to my husband, he says, “It’s a game of inches, Ginger.”  

In regards to extra points or field goals, if the ball hits one of the uprights, a point should be given for that, too. The kicker won’t feel so bad. Again, my husband just stares at me as if I have taken leave of my senses.  

Lastly, why can’t we see at least a few minutes of the wonderful university bands?  Let them share in and add to the absolute top-notch entertainment that college football affords. My husband agrees with me on this one, and besides, I think he likes watching the pretty girls.  

Ginger Brosius


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