Letter to the Editor: Special thanks to local detectives, district attorney

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM

To the Editor:

District Attorney Tommy Thompson and Sheriff Robert Bryan, I wanted to drop you both a note to express our sincere appreciation for several members of your teams.

While luckily we have not had many dealings with the law enforcement arms of our community, recently the need arose, and we have been truly amazed at the level of skill and professionalism from both of your organizations. Detective Walker Woods and Assistant District Attorney Tom Swink were the primary bulldogs we dealt with throughout our ordeal, but the entire team is nothing less than outstanding at what they do.

To start, there was Detective Brian McDonald through a tenacious Detective Jeremy Reich the first day.

Then came Detective Walker Woods, and I can’t say enough about this detective. He followed up on every lead and checked things we never would have dreamed to check. There was lots of hard, solid detective work, endless phone calls, interviews etc., and no stone was left unturned. It was all so our hard-fighting assistant district attorneys Tom Swink and Justin Harris could literally destroy any and every argument the defense presented. All the while, Renee Armes made sure everyone had everything they needed to get through.

I mean, they literally left the defense nowhere to go, no valid argument could be made that these guys hadn’t anticipated and found the evidence needed to kill the argument.

And as with anything, there were periods of highs and lows, times to be concerned or not. During those concerned times, your patrol team didn’t hesitate to put on some extra patrols in our neighborhood to ensure nothing amiss was happening. We did not know what to expect, but your teams far exceeded any expectations we could have had.

Thank you goes to everyone with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, thank you to everyone at the district attorney’s office, and thank you both for hiring the right people, training them the right way and quietly serving us in ways we had no idea.

I hope you all stay safe while at work and enjoy your families when you get the down time as we are.

David Stokes


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