Letter to the Editor: Why your vote matters

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 19, 2017 at 9:00 AM

To the Editor:

So, you don’t vote because you think your vote doesn’t matter or is not valued?  Perhaps you may think differently when you think about the experience I recently had when I voted by provisional ballot. 

I went into the Wilson County Election Commission office in Lebanon and requested a provisional ballot because I had lost my drivers license.  I was escorted in to a side room at the WCEC office by Mr. Phillip Warren, head of the WCEC, who, after navigating several levels of security and the filling out of numerous forms finally presented me with a paper ballot and left the room.  After allowing me ample time to mark my ballot and place it in a sealed envelope, he returned to allow me to place the envelop in to a secure bag through a slot in the bag which was so narrow that only the ballot, not fingers, could pass. The bottom of the bag was secured with a pad-lock.  A number of the steps in the process were recorded in a log to document that the process was conducted in a very precise manner.  

In all, that process took approximately 15 minutes. The process continued by my presenting my passport to the election officials in the early voting location in Mt Juliet. That ID was photo copied and I believe was sent to the WCEC office in Lebanon.  

At some point I was informed that my ballot would be counted on Election Day, Dec. 19, 2017, and that I would get a letter confirming that my vote was counted.  I’m not sure what value you put on your vote but the state does put a high value on my vote, which is worth no more or less than yours.

Jesse McLevain

Mt. Juliet

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