Letter to the Editor: Christmas tree varieties make for a unique spin on the holiday traditional

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 14, 2017 at 9:00 AM

To the Editor:

What color is your Christmas tree? Mine is red. Well one of them is. The other is a beautiful 3-feet-tall white fiber optic. I just love this tree. In fact, I love it so much I decided I wanted another small fiber optic to put in some unusual and unexpected area in the house...You know, that way any visitor in my house would chance upon it and explain....”Well you know I never thought of putting a Christmas tree in a bathtub, and such a cute way you have placed it in that vintage red wagon. What a beautiful little tree. I wish I were so creative. 

So, after searching Lebanon, I determined that a 3-feet-tall white fiber optic was not to be found. At this point I, of course, went to the computer.  

Searching quickly, I noticed Christmas trees come in tons of different, shapes, sizes, varieties and species. There were white pines, firs, cedars, some kind of evergreens found mostly in the northwest, spruces and even birches and, of course, the ever-popular Christmas palm trees. And this is just to name the few varieties that stuck in my mind. Did I see a Siberian hemlock?

It was about this point in time I happened to notice Christmas trees also came in a surprising number of colors. Now, I am not talking about silver and white and green with flocks of white snow on the branches. I mean colors. Pick a color. I guarantee you will find a wonderful holiday tree online you would almost die to have. For instance, I found red trees, pink trees, yellow trees, lime green trees, purple trees, champagne trees, silver and gold ones and several different shades of blue trees.

I was torn between a beautiful turquoise shade and a sky-blue much like the color of a blue jay. I was truly dazzled by a bright orange tree, only it was 14 feet tall, I think. It was much bigger than the 30-inch tree I was shopping for. Plus, it cost $978.  

My husband would not have been a happy camper, and besides that, my husband does not like orange unless it is associated with anything the University of Tennessee. 

At any rate, I decided surely no one would manufacture a black Christmas tree.  Wrong, there it was as big as brass. By this time I had spent more than three hours online looking at Christmas trees. If I weren’t blurry eyed and not had to fix dinner, I would have searched for a gray or brown tree for sure. As it was, I just gave up to continue my hunt later. 

Right before lights out, I asked my husband, “Which tree do you think I should order?” I had pretty much settled on a lovely soft blue tree when I made the mistake of asking my husband which shade of blue tree he preferred.  “What are you crazy?  I have never seen nor do I want to see a blue Christmas tree. If you want a nutty-looking Christmas tree, why don’t you get a bright shiny red one?”

Well, we know what happened next, don’t we?  

Ginger Brosius


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