Letter to the Editor: Medical care for illegal immigrants costs too much

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 1, 2017 at 12:00 PM

To the Editor:

I have some things that are really bothering me, and I need to get it out. There are a lot of Americans that think the same way I think. 

I had a family member who was in the hospital for a few days and doesn’t have insurance. Low and behold, he can’t get TennCare or any other help. 

Now, I am almost retirement age and have paid taxes all my life, but he can’t get any help. My point is, why is it that an illegal immigrant can come to this country, my country that I have paid taxes to all my life, an illegal immigrant can come here and get something we can’t get? And they don’t even pay taxes. 

Here are some facts from the political conservative group, Judicial Watch: 

• In some hospitals as much as two-thirds of operating costs are for uncompensated care of illegal immigrants. Those costs alone are estimated at more than $5.8 billion dollars per year. 

• As estimated 3.5 million illegal immigrants receive their health care insurance through tax-payer funded Medicaid programs. 

• Overall illegal immigration is costing every American taxpayer. At least $110 billion is spent a year in additional federal, state and local taxes. 

Now, I can go on an on with these facts about costing American taxpayers. My point is, I am proud for anybody who wants to better himself or herself as long as they do it legally. But don’t come to my country and take and take from my people when you are not here legally when we can’t get the same help you do. My country knows that you’re illegal and still let’s you get by with this. Shame on them. 

God help all of you on judgement day. 

Debbie Jones


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