Letter to the Editor: It’s time we condemn all violent hate groups

Staff Reports • Updated Aug 16, 2017 at 3:00 PM

To the Editor:

Like President Donald Trump, I deplore all violent hate groups. Unlike the news media and leftist Democrats, I do not separate out and condone those groups that I politically agree with, because I do not agree with any violent hate groups. The Klan and the Nazis were not the only violent hate groups active in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend. The socialist, anarchist group AntiFa was there. Yes, the same one that is noted for violent attacks anytime, anywhere on anyone who dares to disagree with them.  

Then, there was the leftist group who has called for the wholesale murder of police officers and lead protests that often end in riots and mass destruction of property.  There was also the one that likes to march armed and called for open wars against the “white race.” But for some reason, the leftists want to single out the groups with which they disagree.

Monday morning while watching CBS news, I saw videos of the mean violent ‘white supremacists’ running, trying to evade violent physical attacks from the ‘peaceful’ leftwing counter-protestors. The rightwing group did not want violence. The leftwing group did. The narrator did not describe what was happening, only that the violent rightwing hate groups were there. I am sure there will be more videos of this tragic incident. Watch them closely. I suspect that you will see more cases of the right trying to avoid violence and the left trying to provoke it.

I wasn’t there and did not see the infamous car-ramming incident. But I have seen photographs and read reports that the news media may be jumping the gun on their conclusions. There seems to be an increasing amount of evidence coming out that the car may have been following peacefully until attacked by club-wielding AntiFa thugs who were attempting to beat the car windows out to get to the driver. If this is true then the result could emphasize could have been a panic-ridden effort to get away from a violent attack by leftwing thugs using deadly weapons.

If an open, fair and honest investigation is conducted, it may well find that the rightwing – I dislike that term but I’m not sure what else to call them – did not initiate the violence. The most likely initiators were the leftist groups who are known for violence ranging from college campus beat downs to looting and arson, and well knew the media would shield them.

The Klan and other groups had no reason to initiate violence. They knew that it would be spun against them and their only way to get their point across was to avoid violence. The leftist hate groups knew that they could initiate violence, and the news media and other leftwing groups would shield them.

As I began with, I deplore all violent hate groups. I believe wanting to separate them out to groups that I agree with and groups that I don’t is the epitome of hypocrisy.  Yet, that is what the left is doing when they try to ensure the president condemns some of the hate groups participating but not all.

Let’s get on board and condemn all violent hate groups and not try to shield those that may be serving certain agendas.

Roy Denney


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