Letter to the Editor: Liberal mindset not an easy one to figure out

Staff Reports • Updated Aug 8, 2017 at 3:00 PM

To the Editor:

Now I must admit that I have never understood the liberal mindset. They hate the very government that gave them everything they have, including the right to protest against their government. They embrace a style of government that is the embodiment of the loss of individual freedom.  

They mouth phrases about freedom of speech but try to shut down any speech except their own. Now, they are attacking the president by any means possible, including nullifying a national election. You know, because they lost so someone had to have cheated. Just like in kindergarten, remember?  

Looking back past the most recent sound bites, President Donald Trump was considered a liberal Democrat. He received awards from the like of Rosa Parks, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton for his contributions to the welfare of young inner-city blacks. Now he is called a racist. Why? Because he ran against Hillary Clinton and won when no one believed he could.  

They howl over fabricated stories about Trump-Russia collusion. They call for impeachment without regard to the fact that there has to be a legal reason. And all this time I wonder what is going on. 

I think maybe I see at least part of it. Trump is a successful businessman. He believes in free enterprise and has seen it work. This terrifies liberals. Since his election, the stock market has soared to new highs. This means business investments. This means your 401(k) or other stock portfolio is now worth more than anytime in the last eight years.  

Our economy has created 1 million new jobs since Trump took office. Wow. Liberals are terrified that Trump will succeed. So the news media ignores this and continues to push the “witch hunt” “nothing burger” story of Russian collusion as most Americans say “nothing here, move on.” But liberals cannot turn it loose.  

If we have a successful, booming economy with record low rates of American joblessness, how can they convenience people of the futility of the free market and the need to give up our individual liberties to allow the government to take care of us. 

I mean progressivism worked so well for Greece, the Soviet Union and Venezuela. Why should we fear it?

Roy Denney


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