Letter to the Editor: Beavers stands for Constitution

Staff Reports • Updated Jun 24, 2017 at 11:30 AM

To the Editor:

A critic of state Sen. Mae Beavers wrote a letter to the editor this week, calling her a “bully, weak and foolish woman who attacks others in a feeble attempt to make herself look strong.” As someone who has personally chatted with Mrs. Beavers, I can honestly say I do not get this impression of her at all. In a world where our constitutional liberties are continuously under attack, most importantly the First Amendment regarding freedom of religion, public officials have the right to call out “evil” wherever they see fit. With the threat of terrorism all around us, evil must be identified for what it is; because ignoring the reality of a situation only makes it worse.

Others argue government officials have no business standing up for religious freedoms or discussing religious topics. Oddly enough, I cannot find this exclusion of rights in the Constitution anywhere. It’s a fairly small document of laws for even the most simple of men can understand its dialogue. This nation is also a constitutional republic, not a democracy, so when I hear people say things like “Democracy is messy, too messy for Beavers” – one can only guess as to where these people get their political opinions of public officials whose sworn duty under oath is to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States at all costs.

Public officials speak from the minds of their constituents, and in case nobody has noticed, millions upon millions of Americans are tired of watching their traditions, heritage and family values eroded by a system aimed at immigrating millions of people who are in direct opposition of those beliefs. The First Amendment of the Constitution was specifically written to protect the religious liberties of Christians from government writing any law respecting the establishment of religion. At the time of our founding fathers, the prominent religion in the newly birthed nation of America was Christianity, regardless of how badly this might upset some. This is a fact of history that cannot be erased.

Yet, so many still claim this notion there is a separation of church and state, when that notion is nothing more than a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptist Church in 1802. Today, in 2017, it is the public duty of our elected officials to uphold that Constitution that our ancestors fought for so dearly. It is not the public duty of our elected officials to try to find ways to skate around the Constitution and create laws that abridge the constitutional rights of Americans while giving special privileges or rights that don’t even exist in the Constitution to special interest groups.

In my opinion, Mrs. Beavers is a “constitutionally aware” American woman, who is passionate about what she does and was appointed by her constituents to uphold and defend our Constitution that gives us all the freedoms we are to enjoy, endowed by our creator, not by government. We have rights that cannot be created nor taken away by government, yet, that is exactly what is happening today – and public officials also have the First Amendment right to speak their minds within their religious context, call out evil for what it is and demonstrate passion for their cause to protect our sovereign nation from foreign invasions through corruption and illegal immigration.

One nation, under God. In God we trust. Mae Beavers for governor, 2018.

Justin Olsen

Castalian Springs

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