Letter to the Editor: Beavers as Thatcher? Can you hear the laughter?

Staff Reports • Updated Jun 7, 2017 at 4:00 PM

To the Editor:

A snicker ran through Charlie Daniels Park on Saturday.

State Rep. Mark Pody was the one to introduce Mae Beavers during the event to launch Beavers’ gubernatorial campaign.

Pody called Beavers “The Iron Lady,” an ode to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It was a moniker met with some applause, some eye-rolls and a few looks of, “Huh?”

Let’s hope word of Pody’s comparison of Beavers – one diva introducing another – doesn’t make it across the Atlantic. We’ve already insulted our closest ally enough lately.

You see…Thatcher was true. She was honest. She was conservative.

Beavers? Well, she’s 1-for-3.

• Thatcher fought to decriminalize homosexuality. Beavers is fighting to ostracize homosexuals.

• Thatcher fought to legalize abortion. Beavers wants to circumvent the Constitution and criminalize it through back-door channels.

• Thatcher held steady after surviving an assassination attempts. Beavers cancels press conference because she’s afraid of disagreement.

• Thatcher was the first world leader to warn of the dangers of climate change. Beavers probably couldn’t pass a middle-school science course.

Simply put, comparing Thatcher to Beavers is like comparing Clint Eastwood to Jim Varney, Nick Saban to Lane Kiffin and Luke Skywalker to Jar-Jar Binks. It’s a comically bad way to start what should be a comical campaign.

Dean Fox


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