Letters to the Editor: Trump, Diane Black

Staff Reports • Updated May 30, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Stop lowering the bar for Trump

To the Editor:

So Newt Gingrich wants to abolish the Congressional Budget Office and the daily press briefing because they’re harmful to the president. What else will get abolished? Hmm ... The courts, Congress, leaks, the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Am ... (oh, that stays. Sorry, Gen. Flynn), NATO, the FBI, the CIA, the intelligence community, the special counsel, Montenegro, Germany, Israeli intelligence secrets, math, science, good taste, ethics, Stephen Colbert, Saturday Night Live, Bloom County? ... Oh, and one more, the truth.

Wouldn’t it be better for the president to actually do his job? Accomplish something. It’s been more than four months, and the only thing done is Neil Gorsuch, and he’s only on the Supreme Court because the Senate changed its rules. There’s no serious health care bill. There’s no serious budget. There’s no serious immigration plan. There is, however, a lot of scapegoating of media. And self-pity. There’s a lot of self-pity. “So much self-pity. You’re going to be tired of self-pity, believe me.”

It’s clear his policies were bait-and-switch, but unfortunately some of his supporters are so blinded, they have no problem treating the most powerful man in the world as an intellectual and emotional child. If the bar is lowered any more for this man, we’re going to need a backhoe. Remember, call before you dig.

I would love for him to stop acting like the child who ran for student council president only because he wanted the adulation. But that’s not going to change. So I guess it’s up to us – conservatives, moderates and liberals alike – to ensure our national standards of compassion, decency and rational thought don’t drown in the angry seas of anger of violence.

Dean Fox



Congresswoman should hold town halls 

To the Editor:

On May 20, Indivisible TN6 hosted a “substitute” District 6 town hall meeting at the county courthouse in Cookeville. Constituents asked the questions they wished they could direct to Congresswoman Diane Black to a Diane Black impersonator.  Indivisible TN6 resorted to a substitute town hall after our pleas for Congresswoman Black to host a town hall constituent meeting continued to fall on deaf ears. Her staff tells us that meetings and events in the district are scheduled well in advance, and she doesn’t have time for town hall meetings.  

Before continuing, please note that nothing in this letter should be construed as a complaint against Black’s staffers, who have been unfailingly courteous and accommodating.

Her Cookeville office staff, in response to our town hall meeting request, explained that we were welcome to submit “an invitation” to the congresswoman to meet with us. That is backwards; the congresswoman is supposed to invite her constituents to a town hall meeting, not the other way around. Her Gallatin office staff told us that she was “out in the district”, but, surprisingly, they couldn’t say where. We later discovered that she was in Knoxville in the 2nd District that day. Curiously, though, Congresswoman Black did manage to find time for a town hall meeting. Too bad it was in Murfreesboro in the 4th District.   

We have asked repeatedly for her public schedule so we can verify where she will be and who she is meeting with in the district. But, her staff, who had told us previously that her schedule was “planned well in advance,” now expected us to believe that they do not know her schedule and couldn’t obtain it and didn’t know where she was. 

It is unacceptable Black refuses to hold town hall meetings in her district, and conceals her public schedule from constituents. Her infrequent “telephone town halls” – which are tightly controlled and scripted with callers and questions vetted ahead of time to include only those who support her and suit her scripted responses – do not count.   

It is unacceptable that Congresswoman Black will not meet with her constituents face-to-face in an open town hall to hear our concerns, answer our questions, explain her votes and to explain her unquestioning and unwavering support for a president whose thoughtless policies, orders and plans will harm her constituents and the country.

Barbara Rosensteel


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