Letters to the Editor: Trump troubles, West Side park

Staff Reports • Updated Apr 25, 2017 at 3:00 PM

We see Trump’s bait-and-switch

To the Editor:

I don’t want to insult President Donald Trump’s fragile ego, but someone needs to point out to him the basics of governing.

In an effort to ram through Congress a border wall that Mexico will never pay for, the president’s men have said he might “consider” keeping some Affordable Care Act subsidies. In other words, he might leave the most vulnerable of us alone for a little bit provided we pay for a $15 billion wall.

Apparently, he’s been hanging out with his mafia buddies again.

I also don’t want to insult Congresswoman Diane Black, but every time Trump sneezes, Black catches a cold. If Trump touted the merits of eating yellow snow, I have little doubt Black would be the first in line at the concession stand. 

I can only hope Black and others like her will eventually see through the president’s bait-and-switch, used-car salesman tactics. This is an offer we can and should refuse.

Dean Fox



West Side Park not part of Ash’s agenda

To the Editor:

With smoke and mirrors and procedural tricks, the effort was successful to move forward with the West Side Park project.  Have you heard about the West Side Park project?

A $5 million budget was approved through a resolution under former Mayor Philip Craighead for a new city park. What are your park needs in your neighborhood?  Five million dollars would go a long way to equally serve the community and enhance a park system throughout the city.

I’m writing to the citizens of Lebanon so you don’t have the misconception that Mayor Bernie Ash’s name is attached to the outcome of the West Side Park project.  With last-minute resolutions, passed under Mayor Craighead, Mayor Ash has been put in the unenviable position of dealing with the fall out. In addition, it appears that Mr. Craighead still wields influence behind the scenes to further advance special interests.

To be clear, Mayor Ash supports recreational space development and maintenance but with measured planning and fiscal responsibility.

The citizens of Lebanon voted for new regime with the election of Mayor Ash.  Support Mayor Ash as you did when you cast your vote. And remember: “things are not always what they appear to be.”

Barbara Payne


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