Letters to the Editor: on marriage, Schaff and more cowbell

Staff Reports • Updated Apr 11, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Getting married in Tennessee? 

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the Lebanon City Council members for responding to the concerns of citizens regarding the rezoning of 58 acres along Hartsville Pike. With their unanimous support, the developer withdrew the proposed RS9 rezoning. 

Neighbors collected more than 250 signatures on a petition to halt this proposed action. Individuals called and emailed councilors to voice their objections in this matter. Councilors Fred Burton and Joey Carmack attended a neighborhood meeting with more than 70 local residents of the area affected, learning about the potential issues of the zoning change. 

We are most grateful to each member of the council for allowing our viewpoints to be heard and considered.  We are supportive of planned growth in our area of Lebanon and will welcome development that complements our current quality of life. Thank you for hearing the folks from Johnson Heights, Rome Pike and Lovers Lane.

Reid Fleming



In response to Byron York’s column on Schaff

To the Editor:

Well, I hope Byron York was enlightened with the resignation of Devin Nunes. It seems it’s not the leading Democrat, Adam Schaff, who was mislead. His column in Wednesday’s paper led us to believe Schaffer was hiding information, but no, it was not. Again all the talking doesn’t make for a truth-facts do.

It’s amazing how deep deception goes, or should I say, “huge” for those cronies of the presidency.

M. Carolyn Boles



Arkansas resident loves Lebanon, needs more cowbell

To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of visiting your fair city twice. Both times I have had a lovely experience not only with your colorful and caring residents, but also with the businesses that fill your bustling streets. Although I am quite smitten with your town, I wanted to be forthcoming about what I have done that may cause some anguish to your residents. 

I have a dear friend who resides in your city to whom I have taken a liking. Despite his appreciation of the arts, his love of good food and music and his keen sense of style, he has no musical ability whatsoever. Against my better judgment, I have sent him a cowbell and a drumstick, hoping to kindle his musical talents. I hope that you all can accept my apology in advance for any pain and suffering this may cause your delightful town. I will be happy to send earplugs upon request.

Tausha Barbaree

Springdale, Ark.

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