Letters to the Editor: Stop the bills

Staff Reports • Updated Mar 22, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Too many bills with no value

To the Editor:

The purpose of law: “In a free society each and every man lives under a rule of law, as opposed to a whim-ridden rule of men. Such a rule of law has only one purpose: to protect the rights of the smallest minority that has ever existed – the individual…In a free society it is the actions of government – and not the actions of citizens – that are regulated,” according to capitalism.org.

It would seem our current legislature has forgotten that laws are created to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals. This week in our capitol, our representatives are spending our tax dollars not on improving the lives of citizens, protecting our freedoms or defending our most vulnerable, but instead they are focused on how to dehumanize and discriminate.

This year’s flurry of bills – Tennessee’s Defense of Marriage Act, Transgender Bathroom Bill, the Natural Definition of Language Bill, many of them re-runs of previously failed attempts – exist only to strip rights away from a segment of the population. They exist only to remove freedoms of individuals and interfere with people’s right to pursue happiness. 

Rep. Mark Pody, Sen. Mae Beavers and Rep. Susan Lynn are attempting exactly “a whim-ridden rule of men.” Bills such as these are unconstitutional and create nothing of value. They burden you, as taxpayers, with the cost of implementing them and having to defend them in courts of law, as well as the financial cost of lost jobs, employers unwilling to locate here, lost tourism and convention dollars and furthering the reputation of Tennessee as an uneducated, ignorant, backwards state. 

Fighting against prejudiced whim-ridden legislation and holding our representatives accountable is in everyone’s best interest.

Ann Jacklin



Bill in Congress regarding hunting should be stopped

To the Editor: 

The U.S. Senate will soon hear SJ18, which is an atrocious piece of legislation that will allow horribly inhumane hunting practices on federal lands designated as wildlife refuges in Alaska. This legislation will permit the killing of wolves and bears in their dens, baiting for point-blank kills, using steel-jawed leg traps and wire snares and hunting grizzlies with airplanes.

These cruel methods contradict the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services’ predator-control policies and are banned on federal lands just about everywhere else in the United States.  

Also, a recent statewide Alaskan poll shows strong voter support for eliminating cruel and unsporting practices used to kill bears, wolves and coyotes on Alaska federal lands. Furthermore, Alaska attracts five times more wildlife watchers (640,000) than hunters (125,000), and the wildlife watchers contributed four times more money to the economy spending more than $2 billion while the hunters only spent about $424.8 million.  

I urge everyone to show Washington that this is not a partisan issue, and that these cowardly, dastardly deeds must be stopped before they become precedent for other states to follow. It is our responsibility to preserve our wildlife for future generations. Please contact your congressmen today and tell them to vote no on SJ18.

Margaret Morris

Mt. Juliet

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