Letters to the Editor: local politicians, convention of state, media bias

Staff Reports • Feb 10, 2017 at 9:33 PM

Lynn, Beavers look like ‘snowflakes’

To the Editor:

I was deeply disappointed a few months ago to find out that state Rep. Susan Lynn was the type of elected official who chooses to block social media comments from constituents who disagree with her. Such behavior is unfitting someone in her position, and there shouldn’t be any room for it in a representative democracy.

My disappointment deepened last night when I found out Sen. Mae Beavers does the same thing. It is something that should be disappointing to all, regardless of political leaning.

While it’s possible both women have been subjected to vulgar comments worthy of blocking, I know several people who had pointed-but-clean comments blocked by both women.

Such behavior is simply shameful and worthy of the “snowflake” moniker. Perhaps instead of abdicating their responsibility to listen to each of their constituents, they should simply resign their office.

Dean Fox



Convention of states needs support

To the Editor:

Just the very mention of the phrase, Washington elites, and you’re already thinking corruption, unlimited spending and government control over just about every part of our lives.  

The 10th amendment is pretty simple. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people. To the people – it sure doesn’t feel that way anymore. If you think that can’t change, think again. 

Millions of Americans are creating that change at conventionofstates.com. We can make that change through Article V of the Constitution by telling state legislatures to call for a convention of states. Learn everything you need to know at conventionofstates.com. 

Sign the petition, volunteer your time and become part of history that takes the power back from Washington it never should have had.  

Political parties have had their chance for more than 200 years. Now it’s your turn to decide…your turn to put the power where it belongs.  Log on today at conventionofstates.com.  

Mark Charest

Mt. Juliet


Media bias could be to blame again

To the Editor:

It seems that the news media can never fail to show their bias and inconsistencies.  For the past week, we have been hearing how horrible it is that President Donald Trump would speak out against the political decision of a federal judge to halt the president’s ban on immigration from select countries.  

If the media were to be trusted, this is an assault on the very fabric of our constitutional liberties. Then on Wednesday, Judge Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, is quoted as saying he is “saddened” by Trump’s comments.  

On Friday, I heard a ‘journalist’ from CBS assailing Gorsuch for his statement because it is perfectly normal for a president to speak out against federal court rulings with which he disagrees. The journalist then gives a long list of instances in which a president has taken issue with Court rulings.  

I guess it depends on which day of the week and who the media is against that day as to whether this is an affront to democracy or perfectly normal. 

I guess that time former President Barack Obama condemning the entire Supreme Court during a State of the Union address was one of those times it was OK. 

Or perhaps it is just another example of the mainstream media caught in another of their long stream of bias and deceit.

Roy Denney


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