Letters to the Editor: Holiday well wishes and Trump troubles

Staff Reports • Updated Dec 21, 2016 at 4:15 PM

To the Editor:

I would just like to wish everybody peace on earth and good will to all. No matter who you may be or where you live, I think that’s what we all need in this world today. 

My heart goes out to the people the wildfires affected in East Tennessee. And thank God all our prayers were answered for rain. Keep safe and spread love this holiday season.

Margaret Worley



To the Editor:

Donald Trump has broken more laws right in front of the law than any man I know. No one in history has more disrespect for the law than anyone. Why don’t they lock him up and throw away they key? He’s more trouble than he will ever be worth in the long run. 

I guess he will rape your wives right in front of you, and the so-called law will hold you down while it’s happening. Then they will arrest you for trying to stop it. The Russians are coming. That’s true you know, thanks to President-elect Trump. Build a wall to stop the poor Mexicans from having a chance to a good life while letting our worst enemy in through the front door. Are you blind and deaf? I guess the devil is now in the White House because his slick tongue fooled you.

“Make America great again?” No way. Russia and Red China, our worst enemies, are on their way to rape your women, kill the men and enslave your children to work in old, cold and hot sweatshops.

Ray Walker



To the Editor:

As the pastor of a local church, I feel it necessary to express concern for President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order. The human cost is very real, and the thought of these young people being removed from the country they call home is disturbing.

However, it is not just the human cost. President-elect Trump understands business, so he should recognize the statistics on DACA. Our nation’s immigrants – including the 800,000 people on DACA who came here as children – have helped to grow and sustain this country’s economy. 

The economic impact of losing these 800,000 people and placing them into uncertain situations would be devastating. Rescinding a program that has worked to boost the GDP and stimulate the American economy overall would benefit nobody.

If President-elect Trump does decide to rescind DACA, then we must call upon our congressional representatives to construct an immediate replacement plan to provide relief for those currently on DACA. It makes no economic or practical sense to allow this to happen without a safety net for these people who have made use of the program.

Pastor Nathan DeLima


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