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Letter to Editor: Bucks’ views on same-sex marriage would be ‘Just say Doe’

• Updated May 14, 2016 at 3:00 PM

To the Editor:

I have noticed lately some of the people who claim there is nothing unnatural about two men or two women applying for a marriage license have put forth another claim. 

Some people claim, “Even though my birth certificate and my anatomy show that I’m male, I was born a woman.” Other folks claim that although they appear to be a woman, they were born to be a man, and so they live this life as a man. 

Since this has come to be a common argument, let us carry that argument to its logical conclusion. 

Just for fun, let’s say that all the male deer in a certain geographical location only wanted to hang out with other male deer. We could pinpoint that area as east of Interstate 65, north of I-40, south of the Kentucky state line and west of I-75. 

Just for the sake of argument, the male deer did not decide this one their own. They were born desiring the company of deer with antlers. 

Therefore, from September through the autumn and winter months to Jan. 31, all the male deer in this rectangular area would only hang out with other male deer. 

So, half the male deer would be running around looking for other males, and half the male deer would spend time paring their hooves, putting a perm in their white tails and going to a salon to have their antlers polished. 

Readers should note that I mentioned this was purely hypothetical. 

So, some of the male deer would get shot by hunters, others would get hit by cars and trucks, and others would lay by a stream all day admiring their reflections. 

The female deer in this area would be so frustrated they would throw themselves in front of an 18-wheeler on the nearest highway. 

What would be the likely result of such behavior? Since the normal life expectancy of a deer is about 10 years, unless the female deer population became practiced at migrating in and out of the area, the deer population would rapidly dwindle away. 

And, to make the situation even more unlikely, what if the local biologists were asked why the deer were disappearing? Would they reply, “Oh, the male deer were born like this?”

I think all this begs a question. Would Almighty God, who created you and me, the land, sky and sea, create male deer to behave this way?

Although I think I know the answer to that question, I will leave it up to the reader. 

John Walker


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