Mt. Juliet police to crack down on speeders

Jacob Smith • Mar 12, 2018 at 5:56 PM

Mt. Juliet police chief James Hambrick and Capt. Tyler Chandler announced Friday the Springtime Slowdown, a neighborhood traffic safety initiative.

The initiative involves more heavy presence from Mt. Juliet officers in neighborhoods and areas where they receive a lot of complaints about unsafe driving. 

“We care about our citizens and those that visit the city of Mt. Juliet,” said Hambrick. “We want to protect and keep our citizens and visitors safe, and certainly our officer and employees safe as well. So, we have to do something. One of the main things and goals that I’ve had for the last several years now has been to reduce the number of crashes that we have in the Mt. Juliet area.”

Chandler said in his experience, the number one complaint to the Department was about people speeding.

“We’re not really getting complaints about crime,” he said. “It’s about motorists speeding through neighborhoods, running stop signs through neighborhoods and/or school zones as well.”

Chandler went on to explain that police presence in neighborhoods can help make roads safer as drivers are more likely to follow road laws when they see a police presence. When presence alone isn’t enough, however, citations have to be issued.

“It’s about changing behavior,” said Hambrick. “It’s not about generating any type of revenue, that’s not what we’re about. We’re about safety and we want to make sure that we answer the complaints that we have, that we address the complaints, and that people see us in those areas where we’re getting complaints.”

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