Mt. Juliet High evacuated due to suspicious package

Xavier Smith • Apr 10, 2017 at 10:44 AM

Mt. Juliet High School students, faculty and staff were dismissed from the school building Monday morning after office staff discovered a suspicious package. 

Several emergency crews were on scene at the school around 9 a.m. after a suspicious package was sent to the school’s office. Students and staff were evacuated to the school's football stadium as a precaution. 

Mt. Juliet High School students Ryan Ruppel and Sabrina Ullman took to Facebook Live to give updates from the students’ perspective. 

“They announced over the intercom – just calm, serious-mannered – to get everyone out, go to the football field, go to the tennis courts and just get away from the school. Everyone did that in a really timely manner,” said Ullman, who said students realized the situation should be taken seriously.

However, the duo said since students and staff were not allowed back in the building, some students may not access to cellphones or car keys. 

Wilson County Schools spokesperson Jennifer Johnson said the school received an out-of-state package, which contained questionable materials and a powdery substance. Johnson said the package did not contain a note and three office staffers came into contact with the package.

Johnson said one of the office staffers became sick after coming into contact with the substance. 

Johnson, along with Wilson County Sheriff’s Office personnel, said contrary to social media posts, students were not taken to hospitals after coming into contact with the package. Johnson said students were evacuated to eliminate risk of them coming into contact with the substance.

All Mt. Juliet High School students were dismissed for the day. Johnson said robocalls were making their way around to parents.

Johnson said any students not picked up at Mt. Juliet High School by 11 a.m. would be at Mt. Juliet Middle School.

Around 2 p.m., Johnson said Hazmat crews had cleared Mt. Juliet High School and determined materials found in the package did not pose a threat to students and staff. 

“School will resume as normal tomorrow and students who were forced to evacuate the building with their belongings inside will have access to them first thing in the morning,” Johnson said. 

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