Expo Center seeks sponsors for outdoor ice rink

Jacob Smith • Aug 8, 2017 at 7:44 PM

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto presented the idea Tuesday evening to build an outdoor ice rink at the Wilson County Expo Center to a small group of potential investors.

After he introduced the idea, Hutto invited Lenny Davis, president and CEO of Ice Cold Entertainment, to give more details on the project.

Davis’ company builds and operates outdoor ice rinks across the nation. During the last holiday season, Ice Cold Entertainment built a rink outside Bridgestone that was used for free skating and three-on-three hockey games. Davis believes a rink in Wilson County could be used in the same ways.

Potential investors were presented various advertisement possibilities, including a center rink feature advertisement, a spot on the Zamboni and various spots along the rink’s walls.

Danny Butler, Ford Ice Center general manager, also presented to the group. Butler talked about how the Nashville Predators could help with the project.

Butler said the main goal in his eyes was to get as many people skating as possible. To do that, they plan to invite skating coaches to come in, as well as offer double-bladed skates and walkers for young children.

The group was excited about the possibility and expressed special interest in the use of the Wilson County Expo Center as the location due to the permanent concession stands built into the venue. They also felt an ice rink would help drum up interest for any attractions going on inside the building.

Hutto encouraged anyone interested in contributing to the project to contact Charity Toombs, Expo Center marketing director. Toombs may be reached at [email protected] or 615-450-3049.

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