Making the Most of Home: Is the cost worth the savings?

Ann Haney • Updated Apr 16, 2017 at 8:00 AM

This has been an ongoing debate when it comes to saving money. Many feel that there are too few coupons for things they actually buy, and therefore feel the cost is not worth savings. 

Others simply buy the paper for one or two specific-item coupons, and therefore can’t justify saving $2 to buy a paper that costs $1.75. 

Then there are those couponers, we call them the extreme couponers, who indeed use multiple coupons to stockpile their homes. 

While you may not be among the last category, chances are you fall into one of these categories. 

Let’s look at a simple scenario to see if the savings really do add up when it comes to buying the Sunday paper.

In a Sunday paper, there are coupons for $2 off Bic razors, $2 off All detergent and 50 cents off Eggland’s Best eggs. In the store, sales include All detergent for $2.99, Bic razors for $3.99 and Eggland’s Best eggs for two for $5. 

The Sunday paper costs $1.75, and the coupon savings is $5. The regular cost is $12.37. 

Let’s do the math. If you buy on sale, obviously you will save tremendously, roughly $7, add another $3.25 savings on top for using coupons after the cost of the paper and this brings your total savings to more than $10. 

While this may still not encourage you to pick up the paper, for the extra $3.25 in savings, the real savings comes when you buy multiples and eliminate the need to buy when there is no store sale. 

In other words, building a stockpile that keeps your pantry full until the item goes on sale again will save you hundreds of dollars down the road. 

Think about it. If you buy only one or two items, you will undoubtedly run out before a sale comes along again, causing you to pay full price. 

Wise investing will definitely enlarge your savings, fill your pantries and de-stress your shopping. Proverbs 19:2 tells us, “Also it is not good for a person to be without knowledge, and he who hurries his footsteps errs.” 

The key is this. Learn to shop wisely, don’t buy spontaneously and your efforts will be blessed. 

On April 26 at 10 a.m., I will teach a couponing class at Greenhouse Ministries on Spring Street in Murfreesboro. 

Ann Haney is a mother to six entrepreneurial-minded children, ordained minister, CEO of Aaron Publishing, founder of Ann Haney Ministries and Living In Abundance, nationwide motivational speaker, coupon specialist, empowerment coach and bestselling author of 20 published products, including her books, “Judgment Overruled,” “Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship,” “Single Steps In A Married World” and “Changing Your Life Through Couponing Financial Empowerment Series.” Ann Haney’s ministry vision is helping women know the root of their challenge and deliver them from the death grip it holds on their life by surfacing their inner beauty and confidence, helping young people discover their God-given purpose and pursue it with passion, helping men and women learn to use the resources available to them to overcome their circumstances, and helping those recovering from life’s choices and challenges receive second chances without condemnation. Contact Ann at [email protected] to schedule a speaking engagement, individual coaching or view her website for more information at annhaney.com.

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