Local chiropractor discusses his practice

Jake Old • Updated Apr 20, 2017 at 12:30 PM

Dr. Chris Townsend, chiropractor at Back in Motion Chiropractic in Lebanon, spoke to members of the Lebanon Noon Rotary Club on Tuesday.

Townsend, a Rotarian, said he does more than help with neck or back pain when assisting his patients.

“When you think chiropractor, you think, ‘oh, I hurt here, fix this,’” Townsend said. “We do that, and we’re really good at it. Looking at the stats and research, we’re good at fixing necks, fixing backs, fixing ‘I hurt here.’ But we look at, OK, that hurts there, but it’s affecting those nerves that run to other things, whether it’s a muscle, your hand, your heart, liver, kidney. Everything in the body runs from your head through the spinal cord and out.”

Townsend said there are several ways to diagnose reasons a person may be experiencing pain or discomfort, including chemical imbalances or nutritional deficiencies.

“When looking at the body in a nutritional standpoint, there are several things we can do,” Townsend said. “We can get blood work, urinalysis, hair analysis. When we get those results back, we can correlate that with ‘this is too high, theses are low, this is out of whack.’ Through diet, through nutrition, through supplements or lifestyle changes, we can help fix that.”

Townsend shared a story of a patient he had who had seen general practice doctors to determine what was wrong with her when she constantly felt sick. Multiple tests showed that there should be nothing wrong with her.

At Back in Motion, she got a hair analysis, and it showed an imbalance of minerals and large amounts of heavy metals in her system. After following a plan from Townsend, she came back and reported feeling much better.

“The great thing about hair analysis is it tells a longer story; it goes back and shows what’s been going on in your body for the past three months or so,” Townsend said.

Currently, Townsend is continuing his education to become a clinically certified nutritionist. At that point, he will be able to make meal plans for his patients.

Townsend has been in practice in Lebanon since 2002. 

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