Council adopts new city vision

Xavier Smith • Sep 5, 2017 at 8:11 PM

The Lebanon City Council approved a new city vision Tuesday that a committee will use to create a strategic growth plan for the city’s future.

The Lebanon Visioning Committee, which created a vision statement and plan, presented its information to the council last week.

Chairman Ensley Hagan discussed the committee’s proposed overall vision and strategic vision for growth for the city. 

The overall vision said, “The city of Lebanon will be a safe, clean, family friendly town for all its citizens that preserves the natural areas and encourages growth in its existing activity centers with safe transportation connections.”

Hagan said the overall vision emerged from the vision of five areas – demographic, survey, natural areas, land use and transportation. 

The demographic vision characterizes the “tale of two cities” demographic of Lebanon, which sees a small-town feel in some areas, while other and newer parts of the city function as a suburb of Nashville. 

“The idea is to make sure that we serve both those who go to Nashville and what we have here in historically older parts of Lebanon,” Hagan said. 

The strategic vision for growth highlights five focus priorities so the city and advance and prosper – transportation, traffic and infrastructure, planning contextual growth, downtown redevelopment, parks and recreations and entertainment and things to do.

Hagan said an update to the city’s major thoroughfare and land-use plans could have great benefits to the city in terms of transportation and planning. 

Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash said the committee presented a wide view at the potential for the city, noting the vision statement and plan are just planning tools.

“We are growing, and you see it every day. Growth is coming this way even faster. I think we are still lucky enough that we have a period of time to plan for growth. That’s what we’re doing – we are planning for the growth that is here and coming,” he said.

Ash said a new Comprehensive Plan Committee would start its work where the vision committee stopped.

“They will take the visioning statement and look at it a little more thoroughly and with a little more detail. Again, this is not the city dictating what goes where and how. It’s a wide view and a plan,” Ash said. “We’re not just waiting for the growth to come and take us away.”

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