Officials plan to crack down on street parking

Xavier Smith • Updated Aug 3, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Lebanon officials discussed parking on city streets during Tuesday’s meeting and noted discussions have taken place to strengthen enforcement. 

“I’ve had a lot of complaints recently with parking on the streets,” said councilor Joey Carmack, who asked Lebanon Police Chief Mike Justice about the issue. 

“I believe [city attorney Andy Wright] is working on some language we sent over that may help us enforce that law. There just needs to be some added language added to it,” said Justice, who said the problem is a citywide issue.  

“Some I don’t know how we’re going to fix, honestly. Some that are down west are so small that it’s either park on the sidewalk and block the sidewalk with a car or park on the street,” Justice said. 

Justice said the plan is to create and implement a policy, have new officers give warning to vehicle owners out in the community and educate the general public about the changes before the department issues citations. 

“It’s not our goal to start writing parking tickets all over town,” Justice said. 

Wilson County outlawed parking on county streets last month. 

Wilson County citizens are no longer allowed to routinely park or store motorized vehicles on county public roads. The county codes department will enforce the change.

According to the resolution, the need for additional provisions in the zoning ordinance are necessary to insure adequate road width and turning space for emergency response vehicles and school buses.

Exceptions in the ordinance include: instances of emergency, vehicle failure, moving in or out of a property or during a special event not to exceed 24 hours. The ordinance strongly encourages adjacent property owners responsible for the special events to contact emergency services and building inspector within the county to notify them of the special event.

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