Dare to Dine: simply delicious

Bonnie Bucy • Updated Nov 13, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Last Saturday’s rendition of Leadership Wilson’s Dare to Dine had all 161 guests and 13 host homes all singing the praises of the event plus the hosts of the dessert party portion at the “new” Arcade on the Square.

Mother Nature cooperated beautifully as the host homeowners opened their doors invitingly to their scheduled guests – some of whom they knew and some they didn’t – at 6 p.m. Each host was free to choose their own food and drink menu, so none were alike. The fun prevailed of meeting new people, discussing new things, eating and getting to try new tastes and dishes, laughing at new stories and generally finding the time fly as all enjoyed themselves before their scheduled departure for the dessert portion at 9 p.m.

Just to show some examples, here’s what a visit to each home last Saturday consisted of, who was where and what they ate.

Opening with Camille Burdine and Jeff Gannon as hosts, they served spicy barbecue kielbasa, sausage balls and queso dip as appetizers and shrimp and grits, green beans and French bread as entrees.  

Their hungry guests included Mandi and David Walden, Brie and Adam Greer, Kathy and John McDearman, Amy and Troy Adams, Barbara and Tom Walsh, Jenny and Nolan McCue and Allie and Greg Triplett.

Jamie and Lynda Burge cooked up roasted red pepper soup as an appetizer, Caesar salad next to be followed by beef tenderloin, rainbow potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and pepper jelly glazed carrots.

Their guests included Amy and Eddie Agee, Heather and Jeff Vallett, Tracy and Jeremy Burge, Kathy and John McNeal, Penny and Roger Austermiller, Mandy and Aaron Pryor, Tierney Campbell and Craig West.

Rebekah and Sean Dozier produced a colorful table that featured assorted gourmet cheeses with grapes, candied walnuts and crackers accompanied by sparkling sangria and assorted beverages for appetizers. Tossed salad with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and buttermilk ranch dressings was then followed by blackberry port tenderloin with blackberry reduction and corn relish, herb-roasted chicken, potato au gratin, pan-seared green beans, sweet potato casserole and buttered chef’s rolls. Red and white wine, tea and soft drinks were offered.

They entertained Kelley and Steven Reece, Jo and Dave Smith, Jennie and Kevin Ethridge, Jada and Clark Boyd and Amanda and Chris Crowell.

At the home of Kirsten and Scott Harris, they prepared appetizers of puff pastry and cranberry wrapped brie with fruit and toast points. Butternut squash soup was then followed by baby lettuce salad with spiced poached pear, pecans, blue cheese crumbles and honey vinaigrette dressing. The entree of their harvest meal consisted of bourbon beef tenderloin with horseradish potato puree, Southern green beans and sweet potato biscuits.

Enjoying this repast were Necole and Rick Bell, Deanna and Eric Purcell and Genesis and Jeremy Goodman.

From the Tonya and Mark Hinesley home, their menu included jalapeno poppers, chicken salad cups, ham salad stuffed cherry tomatoes and a cheese olive tray made up the appetizers. Then followed a red-leaf salad with red raspberry vinaigrette dressing and a cream of carrot soup with whipped cream topping. 

Dinner included broiled beef loin with roasted Brussels sprouts, squash and bacon; roasted port loin with peach glaze and cabbage steaks; garlic mashed potato bar with sour cream, cheese and chives; creamed white corn and dinner rolls. turtle cheesecake, white chocolate-dipped carrot cake balls and chocolate meringue pie were available.  

Guests included Jason Loggins, Beth Schultz, Gigi and Brian Abston, Leighann and Sam Anderson, Joann and Buddy Brent, Carolyn and Marcus Christoffersen and Maggie and Jimmy Lea.

Amber and Geoff Hurdle entertained a large group with a Spanish-inspired dinner. Appetizers featured an assortment of tapas, including a hot garlic shrimp dish cooked in a white wine and herb butter with guindilla peppers; roasted dates stuffed with smoked pork belly and blue cheese plus a charcuterie board. Ahe main course featured a choice of either mussels, shrimp, choriso and chicken paella or chicken and sausage paella; crispy Brussels sprouts cooked with smoked pork belly, manchego cheese and a chipotle glaze. A mixed green salad was served with roasted jalapeno vinaigrette. Sangria and Spanish wines were available.

The Hurdles’ guests included Sarah Haston, Jennifer Smith, Amber and Jordan Fleming, Madelyn and Stewart Knowles, Jocelyn and Mike Miller, Rhonda and Jason Moles, Cindy and Paul Monroe, Jennifer and Lee Oliver, Lindsey and Shawn Smith, Stephanie and Ray Hubner, Lindsay Covington and Hannah Porterfield and Cami and Chris Baenziger.

Angel and Brody Kane said they presented a “Southern casual evening” with their servings of a cheese plate and mini BLTs as appetizers with barbecue chicken and pork, cheese grits with various toppings, twice-baked potatoes, baked beans and salad as the remainder of the meal. Craft beers were ordered from a local brewery.

On hand to enjoy at their home were Tina and Nixon Pressley, Becky and Jay Andrews, Jean Ellen and Scott Baker, Linda and Dan Hackett, Denise and Gary Moore, Trisha and Gary Solloway, Tanisha and Kelvin Truss, Betty and Chad Williams, Caroline and Bill Walker and Mary and Jared Felkins.

At the beautiful home of Sally and Dave Kimbel, the food was marvelous and featured what they termed their family favorites. They opened with appetizers of stuffed mushrooms, bacon bites and a pineapple cheese ball being circulated for munching while drinking a glass from the assorted wines and beers being offered along with “sassy” fruit tea. The guests were seated and served an apple and pear spinach salad with feta cheese and toasted pecans with fuji vinaigrette dressing.

Dinner was rounded out with juicy oven barbecued chicken, twice-baked potatoes and Southern-style green beans and rolls. Upon departure, each guest was given a cookie bag from J. Clayborn.

Enjoying this repast were Janella Escobar, Susie and Ed James, Terri and Dan Mack, Shelly and David Lanius, Bonnie Bucy, Joyce Alcorn, Jodi and Chad Pennington and LeaBeth and Steven Pack.

At the home of Katy and Mike Moscardelli, their autumn-themed menu opened with bacon-wrapped dates and baked brie with apricot and dried cranberries in puff pastry. A soup course included roasted corn chowder followed by a mixed green salas with roasted butternut squash, dried cranberries, parmesan cheese, glazed pecans and an apple cider vinaigrette. 

The attending guests included JaRob Coggins, Jennifer Folsom, Debbie Moss, Cindy Overtonm Jennifer and Jason Morris, Anita and Sean Owens, Beverly and Brandon Walker and Brandy and Nick Hays.

Denise Sikes and Larry Hubbard served up starters of goat cheese and Italian sausage-stuffed mushroom caps, cream cheese pinwheels and pineapple sausage shrimp skewers. Vegetables included sweet potato crunch casserole, sautéed green beans and cinnamon baked apple. Bacon-wrapped honey glazed pork tenderloin and grilled chicken breast with sweet peppers made up the entree accented with homemade yeast rolls.

Sitting down to these goodies were Dell and Roger Farley, Brenda and Gordon Gill, Lucy and Bob Lee, Terri and Steve Youngblood and Ann and David Taylor.

At Cathey and Jim Sweeney’s home, their guests were served beef tenderloin, twice-baked potato casserole, asparagus with blue cheese sauce, butter lettuce with almonds and mandarin oranges.

Their guests included Mark Lee, Shelley and Joe Gardner, B.J. and Bill Potter and Lauren and Chris Smith.

At the home of Linda Armistead the dining treat featured boiled shrimp and brie glazed with pepper jelly to begin. Boneless beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, creamed potatoes, lima beans and corn, asparagus, cranberry salad and rolls rounded out the main course.

Guests included Donna and Gary Wright, Lisa and Jeff Dickson, Pat and John Gwin, Kathy and Barry Tatum, Megham and Tom Swink and Pam and Larry Tomlinson.

Diane and Danny Stewart entertained Heidi and Lance Jenkins, Melissa and Kevin Dilley, Stephanie and Liz Reece, Debbie and Rick Stewart, Lanah Browning and David Hale, Karen Dedman and Leslie Capleno, Terri Merryman and Tressa Bush. 

Dessert was served at the Arcade’s Venue 142 event room, and developer Hal Bone and architect Mike Manus, co-owners of the facility, served as hosts. They served cheesecake with all kinds of fresh fruits and toppings to put on it to the crowd.

The adults pay for their attendance in the Leadership Wilson classes, which take place over a nine-month period each year and teach many things about leadership in business. The funds raised by the Dare to Dine event pay for a group of high school juniors to go through the classes each year.

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