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Larry Woody • Jun 15, 2017 at 8:30 AM

Fish attractors work: Guess what Fish Attractors attract?They attract fish, just as advertised. Yet hundreds of TWRA-built attractors on Old Hickory, Percy Priest and other area lakes go un-fished.The fish attractors consist of brush or wooden stakes submerged at various depths, marked by either a plastic pipe that juts 4-5 feet out of the water, or by a buoy floating above the structure. Both types of locators are marked with the TWRA logo.

Fish attractors draw minnows and other small fish to algae, which in turn draw larger fish such as crappie, bluegill, catfish and bass. The fish also use the submerged structure for cover.

TWRA fisheries biologists suggest giving them a try.

No wake: Officials who patrol area waters will be enforcing “No Wake” zones this summer as part of an emphasis on safety.

Signs are posted around boat ramps and marinas warning boaters to go slow to avoid make a wake where other boats are being launched and loaded. However, the signs are often ignored by incoming and outgoing boats.

Boating Under the Influence (BUI) is also a focus of attention. Boaters are warned that BUI carries similar penalties as DUI on highways.

Fishing Guide available: The Tennessee Fishing Guide is available for free at most outdoors outlets and contains detailed information about rules and regulations on waters across the state.

Included in the info are size limit rules on individual lakes. The legal limit for a bass, for example, is not the same on every lake, and also differs between largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Elk update: The TWRA will soon announce the application process for the October elk hunt. The number of tags has been increased, and for the second year the hunt will include an archery segment.

Straights shooters: All school-age youngsters in Wilson County is eligible for the Cedar City Straights interscholastic trap shooting team. For information contact Coach Kerry Hale at 615-519-2934.


June 11: spring squirrel season ended

June 14: WMA quota hunt applications

Aug. 26: squirrel season opens

Sept. 1: dove season opens

Oct. 14-27: fall turkey season

Nov. 4-17: muzzleloader season

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