No fire at West Elementary School after reported false call

Jake Old • Jul 7, 2017 at 5:04 PM

There was no fire at West Elementary School on Friday afternoon after a reported call was determined to be a prank call by a child, according to Wilson County Emergency Management Agency director Joey Cooper.

The child called 911 and said there was a fire at the elementary school and immediately hung up the phone, Cooper said.

Call-takers at the Wilson County Emergency Communications 911 department called WEMA to dispatch a fire engine to investigate the incident. Wilson County sheriff’s deputies were also called, and a deputy was dispatched to the caller’s address.

The sheriff’s deputy arrived at the home and found a woman was there with a child who apparently called 911 as a prank. The adult also called emergency communications at some point to confirm the call was a prank.

At that time, units were cancelled without the need for further investigation, Cooper said. WEMA takes all reported fire calls seriously, Cooper said, and until it’s a confirmed false call, WEMA officials will continue to the scene for an investigation. 

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