Blessing Box helps those in need

Sinclaire Sparkman • Updated Oct 20, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Young members of Laguardo Baptist Church recently set up a box near the roadway that allows people to give and take items as needed.

The box offers pantry items and dry goods, such as canned goods, dry beans, toilet paper, laundry supplies, and any non-perishable item. 

“You come and take what you need and give if you can give. Fill it up if you want to,” said Linda Brownlee, leader of the Kids N Action group. 

The group is made up of children ages 6-10, currently with six members, Caitlin Haynes, Kyler Gatica, Victoria Wiley, Elisha Wiley, Grayce Gravley and Sam Gravely, as well as teachers Carol Pendleton and Brownlee. Laguardo Baptist Church is home to about 130 members. 

Kids N Action does various projects each year to help the community. A bake sale at Al’s Foodland allows them to buy groceries for shoppers there. They choose someone at random and pay for their groceries with money from the bake sale. They also put laundry packs together with dryer sheets and pods and distribute them at local laundromats. The packs include a Bible as well. 

“These kids are so bold. They will walk up and say ‘we just want to bless you’ and they love it,” Brownlee said. “Some people just need a hand up.” 

So far, the Blessing Box has steadily been both taken from and filled up. It is located close to the highway along the driveway of the church at 8585 Hwy 109 in Lebanon. 

Brownlee said donations may be left at the front door of the church if the box is full and the Kids N Action will stock it accordingly. 


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